My daughter came home from school with lice. However, Allen stayed late (3 hours), and treated her head. I couldn’t be happier. It was easy and my daughter sat through the process watching a few videos.
Hopefully, I don’t ever have to use their services again, but if I do, I’ll be happy they are close by.

Boone D 4/28/2018

January, 10th, 2019

All I can say is, we went with lice and came out without it. And with a plan to NOT have it recur. Which it did not. So so happy these guys do this, and they are nice to boot. Happy Customer Meg S.

Megan S. Washington, DC December, 31st, 2016

Was recommended by a friend and in turn recommend a friend. It seems that’s how this whole lice thing works, undercover.

Other friends used a place that comes to your house and was 2x the cost I paid. The location wasnt great, but my kid sat, watched a movie and then they gave me info so if it ever happened again (please, no) I feel I could handle it myself.

Alan was amazing and really patient when my kid was tired of sitting still. He even showed me what to do.

Michelle M. Washington D.C., DC December, 21st, 2016

Wonderful! What a relief coming to this caring and expert office. They squeezed us in on a busy Sunday just to check out my daughter’s itchy head and wound up doing hours of patient and caring treatment when they discovered she in fact had lice. Karen and Irene were just great. Highly recommended. As many other reviewers have said, I hope we never need this kind of service again, but if we do, we are coming straight here!

Jack L. Takoma Park, MD December, 5th, 2016

Lice is not a pleasant experience but Advice on Lice made the whole ordeal much easier. This is a legitimate lice removal office. The entrance is into the front office which took me by surprise at first because I didn’t have an appointment and didn’t know what to expect. They were unexpectedly busy the day I found them, but they called another employee in to make sure they could accommodate me for that day. They walked me through everything and had better shampoo and combs than the drug store for me to use on my daughter. I will definitely recommend and return if we ever have lice again.

Monica F. Vienna, VA December, 5th, 2016

They were terrific. Two of us got our heads clean, and importantly, got the information that we needed to effectively follow-up and make sure they stayed that way. I’d incorrectly assumed that it would be as easy as going to the drugstore, buying some stuff, and following directions, but it may not be (depending what you buy)! Check out headlice.org, and go to Advice on Lice for a head-start (hehehe) getting it done.

Melissa M. Collegeville, PA November, 9th, 2016

Karen and her husband were efficient, knowledgeable and nice. And we got rid of “our little friends” so I highly recommend them!

Amy H. Chevy Chase, MD November, 7th, 2016

I agree- A lifesaver! They are the best. they are not alarmist and will not have you do treatments you do not need but at the same time they make sure to throughly check every strand of hair. Lice are gross and scary but they give you a calm plan to eradicate them and prevent re-infection.

Melza B. Chevy Chase, MD October, 5th, 2016

We struggled with lice for weeks before taking our kid and after the treatment no more lice!
Highly recommended

Ale P. Aliso Viejo, CA October, 5th, 2016

Alan is a lifesaver! We went in for a check last minute on a holiday weekend and he immediately realized we had lice. He quickly and efficiently treated two members of my family in just two hours and taught me everything I needed to know about finishing the care and cleaning out our house. He turned a nightmare into something manageable – lice is still a huge hassle, but it was an inconvenience rather than a nightmare with their help. I highly recommend getting professionally treated right away by Advice on Lice.

Lauren Z. Washington, DC September, 26th, 2016