Not only did my children receive a very thorough treatment, but Allan explained to us the whole time what he was doing, and how to do it ourselves so we wouldn\’t have to come back. I highly recommend this service!

Adam Silver Spring, MD August, 1st, 2013

Top-notch service! Allan was so kind to my daughter, completely removed all lice and nits, and taught me excellent follow-up skills. The DVDs for the kids to watch was a nice touch, too!

Megan Arlinton, VA July, 30th, 2013

I was in DC on vacation and one of my children got lice.It was Sunday night, of course panicked and went on google for help.I came across Advice on Lice & immediately called.Allen answered & calmed me down. He told me to come in at my convenience as he would be waiting for me. We arrived at 8:00 pm and he took his time and treated my daughter.Luckily no one else got it and the step by step procedures he provided made sure it didn\’t come back.I would highly recommend Advise on Lice!

Twin Moms Palm Beach Gardens, FL July, 30th, 2013

When I my daughter got lice, I called Advice On Lice at the recommendation of a good friend. I called Sunday morning and was so surprised that one, they were open, and two, that we could be seen that very day. Karen was so gentle and thorough – she completely put my daughter (and me) at ease. She gave me detailed information that worked just like she said it would. We not only got rid of the immediate lice problem, but learned how best to prevent reinfestation. I would absolutely recommend this office – both Karen and Allan are just wonderful!

Susie Potomac, MD July, 25th, 2013

If you or your child has lice, go immediately to Advice on Lice! The money and time we spent ultimately saved us countless hours of desperation and re-infestations. Karen and Allan are fabulous. My daughter and I both had lice — I walked in completely shaken, grossed out, and desperate to get rid of them! Not only did they meticulously treat and comb my daughter\’s and my hair, which meant we walked out knowing there were no more bugs crawlng around, but most importantly we learned exactly how to prevent reinfestation, and preventative steps to avoid lice in the future. Best of all, what could have been a difficult experience for a child was very easy — she enjoyed chatting with Karen and Allan and watching DVDs while they worked on her hair. My comment, on leaving, was to jokingly say \”I hope I never have to come back!\” and my daughter (9yo) immediately said, \”I want to come back, I like it here!\”

Paige Snider Washington, DC July, 22nd, 2013

Advice on Lice are truly experts in their field! They treated me and my two daughters (my first time getting lice) at the same time, and were extremely thorough. During the process, they provided me with lots of valuable information about next steps, both for our hair and our household items. They\’ve been an excellent resource and very reassuring to me

Jennifer Washington, DC July, 19th, 2013

Karen picked out all the nits and lice very thoroughly. I think she got each and every one, which combined with home applied Nix/Rid completely resolved the lice problem. It\’s 2+ weeks later and no lice!

Ken Silver Spring, MD July, 19th, 2013

Advice on Lice is the place to go for peace of mind after you or one of your kids finds themselves with lice. Karen and Allen have helped my family three times over the past several years. They do a thorough job getting rid of nits and expertly guide/show you how to do it on your own. Using their techniques, we have never had a second round of lice from the same exposure. It seems about every two years one of my kids finds themselves with lice from school or camp. If it ever happens again, they are my first call!

Liz Miller Reston, Virginia July, 17th, 2013

Allan was terrific. He was competent, professional, kind, and reassuring. I had never had or seen lice before and he gave me a complete education while combing out my long, thick and curly hair (which I never could have thoroughly done myself). It was well worth the time and money. Thanks so much for putting my mind at ease and obliterating lice from my family!

Maxine Teller Chevy Chase, Maryland July, 11th, 2013

Where to begin? Advice on Lice is the best! They really know their stuff and do an excellent job. They are gentle, kind and patient with my child and myself. I have recommended them to many people who have also had wonderful experiences. The service they provide is excellent.

Michele Bethesda, Maryland July, 9th, 2013