Nicole Silver Spring, MD,

Advice on Lice, Inc., specifically Allan, provided professional care to my daughters and peace of mind to me during an extremely stressful time. We had no previous experience with head lice and came to realize we had a lot of misinformation about it. After watching and learning from Allan, I am convinced that I made the right decision to pay for the services of a professional trained to remove head lice and nits. During my girls’ treatment in his office, much of it well after regular office hours, Allan explained, in great detail, how to eradicate the head lice and how to ensure it didn’t return because of an error on our part. He also gave us a handout describing the at-home portion of the treatment and the reasons why we were to continue the twice-per-day comb outs for two weeks, a week longer than most instructions read. We are pleased to be head lice-free and will continue to do weekly head checks because we want to remain head lice-free! Thank you, Advice on Lice, Inc.!