Deb R. Washington, DC

Let\’s not mince words. Lice is not life threatening, but it can be very unsettling and overwhelming to experience, especially the first time it happens, and we are one of those unfortunate families who have been through this more than once over the years! I cannot express how grateful we are for Karen and Allan Franco and Advice on Lice. They have developed what I believe is the most effective and least chemically intensive system for ridding people of lice. They take as much time with each client as needed for a thorough comb through, and to explain the step by step method for following through with treatment at home. Their office is a very kid-friendly environment, complete with DVDs the kids can watch while Karen and Allan painstakingly comb through their hair. The Francos are total professionals, very responsive, and completely dedicated to helping people overcome lice, and telling you what really works — and what really doesn\’t. If you ever get \”that dreaded call\” from school, do not hesitate to contact Advice on Lice immediately — you will be very glad you did!