What began as a personal mission to protect her own children from exposure to active head lice in a volunteer capacity has grown over time to become a full service, full time occupation. After several articles were published about Karen and her house calls for head lice removal, the demand for her services increased to a level that required a full time schedule. Karen realized she could assist more people by opening a full time, full service head lice treatment salon. The first office opened in June 2008, and Allan joined the team in August 2008. In 2011, we expanded our salon by adding a second treatment room. Each room is equipped with a shampoo bowl, two salon chairs, and a flat screen TV which allows us to offer full head lice treatment and removal services, while clients and children relax and watch a movie or program from a large selection of DVD’s. Advice on Lice has added to our staff two technicians who have been trained by us in our methods.