What is the best treatment for the head lice?

In our experience, the most effective treatment for head lice is the application of a real lice killing shampoo. We have found Rid to be very effective, when it is applied carefully like hair colorant, and timed for at least 20 minutes. Although the directions say 10 minutes, no longer, the warnings in the product directions are in place to protect the drug companies from liability. We have rarely seen or heard of any adverse allergic reactions to this product. And in these reports the reaction occurred within the first 5 minutes.

Our method of application at Advice on Lice, Inc, www.adviceonlicemd.com , has proven to be very effective at killing all of the live bugs. For those who chose not to use a pesticide, we recommend the prescription product, Ulesfia. The application and timing should follow our directions as mentioned above.

More to come: effective combing techniques for lice and nit removal.

Karen and Allan Franco

Advice on Lice, Inc.