Montgomery County Head Lice Policy

Montgomery County Head Lice Policy

As Advice on Lice is located in Montgomery County Maryland we are constantly asked by our clients why is it that head lice is so prevalent in the county school system.

Well, there is a simple answer. The MontgomeryCounty schools have become increasingly lax concerning head lice.

Below I have noted the policy implemented by the school system.

1-”If all observed nits are located 1/2 inch or more from the scalp, no further action is necessary”

This means a child with nits all over the head will not be sent home unless they are 1/2 inch from the scalp. The assumption is the nits further than 1/2 inch are old , non viable, and will not hatch. From our experience in our office this is a very risky assumption. Simply said we have found that any nits in a child’s head can be a problem and action needs to be taken.

Time and time I have worked on a child’s head noting in my removal that they seem to be old and non-viable, only to find a living baby louse (nymph) resting on the scalp.

Our opinion is,  if you see nits on your child and take no action you are surely going to be dealing with an active case of head lice in at least 14 days,

So our advice is take action whether the school does or not and don’t let an early detection turn into an all out infestation.

Allan Franco