Lice Md and Lice MD Complete Kit Head Lice Treatments

So you walk into your local CVS frantic as your child or children have Head Lice. You’ve heard and read online such terrible opinions on the use of Head Lice Treatments or shampoos that have a pesticide ingredient and are in search of the miracle non pesticide lice killing shampoo or treatment.

You check the shelves and there it is. Lice MD Non-Pesticide Eliminates 100% Lice and Eggs. Includes Lice Comb and liquid gel. Written right on the box!

Then you look right next to it and wow! They have a complete kit called Lice MD Complete Kit Eliminates 100% Lice and Eggs. This one includes a Lice Comb, Lice Killing Gel, and a shampoo to clean your hair after treatment.



So trusting the product you opt for the kit as in general you figure the kit is going to be the more effective of the two.

Before you pick up the Lice MD Complete Kit we advise you take a closer look. As a normal shopper you would assume the Lice MD and the Lice MD Complete kit would both be non pesticide. Wrong!!!

If you read the fine print on the kit you will see the Lice Killing Gel in the Kit contains a pediculicide treatment gel containing pyrethrins synergized with piperonyl butoxide which is recognized by the FDA as safe and effective for the treatment of head lice.

Guess what? That’s the same pesticide included in the Rid Lice Killing Shampoo.

I found it very surprising that a company which has advertised its product Lice MD- Non Pesticide would also make the Lice MD Kit which includes the pesticide. To their defense they don’t advertise the kit as pesticide free but how many of us would assume their entire line of product would be pesticide free? After all isn’t that their selling point.

For those serious looking for a non pesticide Head Lice treatment we suggest sticking to the Lice MD Non-Pesticide but please don’t bank on the product eliminating 100% of the eggs and head lice as advertised. Lice MD  Pesticide Free is a non-pesticidal non-medicated product that contains a fluid that lubricates the hair and comb to facilitate mechanical removal of lice and their eggs. That means it doesn’t kill the eggs or the lice but will help you comb p\out those pesky bugs and nits.

Simply putting it: It’s all about the combing. Comb, comb, and comb.

Advice on lice advises whether you use a pesticide or non pesticide head lice treatment the only way to ensure the problem is completely eradicated is the constant daily  combing with an inexpensive conditioner ( Pantene Classic Care conditioner) on moistened hair for best results.

Good Luck.

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Allan & Karen Franco

Advice on Lice