Lice Lady of Maryland.

Lice Lady of Maryland.

Who is the original Lice Lady in Maryland?

I suppose it was time for someone to speak up as so called professional nitpickers who call themselves The Lice Lady have sprung up throughout the metropolitan area.

Karen Franco of Advice on Lice Inc  began her journey over 15 years ago in exploring ways to treat head lice and lice nits before the internet even existed. She actually used the services of the old fashion library to educate herself on the life cycle of lice and the most common treatments then.

It was a personal mission for Karen Franco in the years when her children were in elementary school, and she volunteered in any programs the children attended to help screen for head lice in order to prevent outbreaks. As she became increasingly familiar with the condition, she found that many people would seek her out to assist them with their own infestations.

It was these people who began labeling her “the lice lady.” It was not something she chose.

Through the years, Karen has established a knowledge of the condition and how best to treat it to accomplish eradication.

What began as volunteer work evolved into a money making hobby and finally to a full time business.

Today,  8 yrs after opening her salon/office in Kensington Maryland, Advice on Lice has a reputation as the best full service LiceTreatmentCenter in Maryland.  Adding to the services she never forgot how she started and is always available to answer questions, offer guidance at no charge for distressed parents dealing with head lice for the first time.

So who is the real Lice Lady of Maryland?