Head Lice Ttreatment in Maryland and Complacency

The treatment of head lice in Maryland too many times is not taken seriously enough. Advice on Lice which specializes in Head Lice Removal in Maryland sees this attitude quite often. Yesterday a client came in with such an attitude. Quoting the mom ” Oh, I have been combing her out once or twice a week for a month and keep finding 1 or 2 bugs and very few nits. Its really not that severe”. Well after our lice removal technician was done the count was 19 live lice and over 100 nits.
It so important to a parent to realize that completely eradicating head lice is not a one time effort. Parents need to realize that in order to be successful they need to continue combing beyond what seems reasonable. The eggs (nits) are tiny and unless your combing every day for at least 7-10 days the chance one or two are missed is high.
Another client came in yesterday after using another professional service for Head Lice Treatment in Maryland and after out technician worked on the child another 20 nits were found. And this comes after a professional worked on the child. So my suggestion would be, even when your not finding nits we strongly recommend you keep the combing going until you combed for at least 7 days and have not found any nits.
Allan Franco
Advice on Lice, Your Professional Head Lice Removal Service in Maryland.