Head Lice Treatments: Which one works!

At Advice on Lice,  we have heard from our clients so many methods they have read about online to treat and remove head Lice and nits.

There is so much misinformation many become frustrated and just don’t know which is best. With this in mind there is a Head Lice Treatment used by Professional nitpickers. Known as the Lice Buster, the method used seems questionable. The Lice Buster is a machine, which blows air at a certain heated temperature and certain speed and is supposed to kill the live Head Lice as well as the nits. In our opinion there is some validity that heat will kill nits on the hair. We always recommend to Mom’s that using a Flat Iron or Hair blower many times will cause the nits to abort.

After speaking with a representative for the Lice Buster we reached a decision that this was not a head lice treatment plan our clients or we would be pleased with.

When using the Lice Buster professional nitpickers will blow the hair for an hour or so and then they will assure the client that the nits are no longer viable.

What about the nits? What parent wants to leave our facility knowing that there are nits still stuck on the hair. How will the camps react when your child returns the next day with a head full of nits that you explain are no longer a threat. Our feeling is a thorough Head Lice treatment requires not only a Lice Killing Shampoo but also requires a thorough removal process of all the nits to ensure the problem is completely eradicated. Unfortunately there are no short cuts to Head Lice and nit removal.

Advice on Lice, is the oldest and most thorough Head Lice Treatment in Maryland, DC, and Virginia  and assures our clients that with our experience assistance Head Lice can and will be completely eradicated.

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Allan Franco