Head Lice Treatment in the Washington Post

What an interesting week we had last week, The Washington Post wrote an article about the 7 myths of head lice and it certainly had an effect on our business of treating head lice in Washington DC and Maryland. One can only assume the article prompted parents to check their kids as well as raise their awareness level. While the article never mentioned our Head Lice Treatment center by name ( Advice On Lice)  it certainly had a positive effect on us. Frantic mom’s called all week requesting screens for Head Lice as well as many first timers who had no idea how to begin the head lice and nit removal process and treatment for head lice. As always no matter how busy we became we tried so hard to accommodate their needs.

One recommendation we always leave with our clients is once the problem has been completely eradicated we urge parents to comb out their kids once a week as a preventive measure. The earlier you detect a problem the easier to completely remove them.

Allan Franco


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