Head Lice Treatment and the Holidays

As we become focused and pre-occupied with the upcoming holidays we tend to ignore the obvious signs for head lice. Don’t ignore them. The most common signs will be your child’s constant scratching of  his or her head. When you see this its time to take out your Lice Comb,  add some conditioner and water to the hair, and comb through. As you wipe the comb on a white paper towel you will see those nits which will appear as coffee color specs in the shape of a sesame seed on the paper towel. If the nits show up then you must take aggressive action to eliminate the head lice and nits. At Advice on Lice our head lice treatment consist of applying a lice killing shampoo (Rid) in the manner your beautician would apply a hair coloring . Once the hair is saturated with the shampoo we recommend leaving the product on for 20-30 minutes. Once you rinse its time to comb, comb, comb. For more tips on our combing method you may visit our website www.adviceonlicemd.com and click the frequently ask questions page.
Good luck and happy Holidays from the crew at Advice On Lice

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