Head lice treatment advice. Who can you trust.

Time and time again we hear stories from our clients on how to treat head lice. Some say their friend said use mayonnaise or my neighbor said use olive oil. Or how about “just sleep with Vaseline covering your hair all night and  the lice will be dead”.

None of this bothers us as much as the ones who think they know exactly how to help their friends or neighbors after they have had a professional head lice company work on their kids and now consider themselves as professionals.

I just had a client (Jane Doe) who’s daughter had been to us almost a year ago. In between last year and today she has referred many friends to us and of course we appreciate it. Periodically we have had calls inquiring about our services after speaking with our client (Jane Doe). In the course of conversations it has been revealed that our Jane Doe,  out of genuine kindness  and concern has explained , and sometimes shown, exactly what to do as learned from us and then suggesting they try on their own.

Well,  when we received the call today from Jane Doe requesting an appointment for her daughter she was confident that all was needed would be a screen as she had been combing her out as we instructed her 1 year ago and as she put it” you all taught me well”.

Dad brought the daughter in who proudly stated “my mommy combed me out like you guys do and found 10 nits and no bugs”.

My thoughts were “great, this should be a breeze”. Well 2 hours later the count was 35 live lice of all sizes ( mostly babies which are the hardest to find) and about 60 more Nits (eggs).  So to answer the question: Who can you trust? You need to see first hand from a reputable head lice removal service specialist in Maryland,  who does this work day in and day out. You need to look for referrals from friends who have had success with head lice treatment companies in Maryland. And then you need to go see them and learn from the best, so next time your child complains of a scratchy head you’ll  have a head start and make your next visit to your favorite head lice treatment center much quicker and easier.

Advice on Lice remains one of the most respected head lice removal services in Maryland, D.C., and NorthernVA. All you need to do is check the testimonials on their website to realize they truly care about you, your children, and pride themselves in their thoroughness and workmanship.

Allan Franco