Head Lice Removal In Maryland, DC, and Virginia

The does and don’ts for head lice treatment.

  1. Never use those plastic lice combs that come in the package with the shampoo kits.  Total waist of time.
  2. Use the Licemeister nit come. It’s the best lice comb on the market.
  3. Don’t follow the instructions on the Rid box for applying the rid as the method instructed is ineffective most of the time. (Follow our instructions at adviceonlicemd.com)
  4. Leave the lice killing shampoo on the hair for at least 20 minutes to be effective.
  5. Don’t use Nix but use Rid. Nix is a cream rinse and is not effective.
  6. Don’t use olive oil to comb out the nits. Way to messy. Go with Pantene classic care conditioner and some water. This will soften the nits so they more readily slide off with the Licemeister.
  7. Watch our for those head lice removal companies that charge you $150.00 before they walk in your door. The charge for removal is high enough that you shouldn’t be paying $150.00 just to get them to the front door.
  8. Beware of out of state head lice treatment companies who send a technician to your house. Who’s monitoring their workmanship?
  9. Don’t throw your brushes and pony tail holders away. Zip lock bag them and stick them in the freezer for 8 hours.

I have stated just a few of the does and don’t of head lice treatment. There is so much misinformation concerning head lice removal.

If you want right information by people who deal with head lice removal and treatment every day then contact adviceonlicemd.com for real information and technique that has been successful  for effectiveness every day in our salon. We service head lice treatment for Bethesda ,Chevy Chase, Washington DC and the entire Washington Metropolitan are.

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