Head Lice Checks, Head Lice treatment and Thanksgiving

As we near the thanksgiving holiday more and more parents worry when that dreadful note comes home from the school that head lice was detected in their child’s class. The last thing a parent needs to worry about is head lice when either the family is traveling or friends or relatives are visiting. At Advice on Lice in Kensington, MD our recommendation is not to just check your kids but actually use the lice comb to detect any signs of head lice or nits. Head Lice may not be that obvious on your child’s head if it is in the early stages but with a good lice comb and some conditioner head lice or nits are more likely to show up if they actually exist.

Thanksgiving need not be  canceled! Follow our detailed instructions for head Lice treatment and removal on our website adviceonlicemd.com in the frequently asked questions page and your child will no longer be contagious to visiting friends and relatives.  Good luck and happy turkey day from Allan & Karen Franco.