Head Lice and Hair Dye

Head Lice and Hair Dye

Advice on lice specializes in the treatment and removal of head lice and nits in the DC, MD, and Va. areas. A commonly asked question here at Advice on Lice is does hair dye kill Head Lice. Well we have always said that there is no guarantee but felt dying your hair does create an unfriendly environment.

This week a 14 yr old female client confirmed our opinion.  Her parents scheduled a Rid shampoo and comb out at our office.  Once seated in our salon chair we noticed an abundance of nits in her hair. Keep in mind she had not been treated with any type of lice killing shampoo. We applied the shampoo according to our method and expected to find multiple head lice combed out as we combed the Rid in her hair. Only one baby bug was found. After rinsing the shampoo and beginning the nit removal process we found many nits and no lice. I commented on how beautiful her natural highlights were and she responded “thank you but they are not natural”. She then told us that she had her hair dyed and highlighted two days before. The puzzle was solved. I commented to the mom that the reason we were not seeing more head lice was probably due to the fact her hair had been dyed. After completing the comb out process we counted 70-80 nits and only the one baby bug which probably hatched after the dye was complete. What have we learned? Hair dyes definitely create an unfriendly environment and definitely do not kill the eggs.

My advice?  No matter what you do to kill the lice you must keep combing with a lice comb to ensure all the nits are removed.

Allan Franco

Advice on Lice.