Month: May 2017

Worst case of head lice we have ever seen.

Advice on lice has been removing head lice for over 10 years. We have seen some pretty bad cases in the past. Last week we had the worse case ever with an elderly client. The woman entered our office and we could see live lice crawling on the outside of her hat(beret).  We worked on her for over three hours and there were dead bugs everywhere. She had hundreds and hundreds of bugs and thousands of nits. As she has no one to help her we contacted her Dr and had them prescribe Sklice. Today she came in with the Sklice and as it was applied we still found around 20 live lice. We can only assume she does not have the capability of de-lousing her house.  She will return again next week for we hope is one last comb out. It is so sad to see a woman of her age so helpless, with no one to help her comb her hair out.  We have made it our goal to get her 100% lice and nit free as we realize she has nobody else.