Month: April 2017

Lice Treatments: Airalle lice treatment verses prescription Sklice

Lice Clinics of America uses the Airalle process which blows warm air throughout the hair and is supposed to kill the eggs. This process does not remove the eggs but according to their studies they should kill the eggs. Our opinion differs. If a client is looking to avoid removing the nits they can save time and money by have their doctor prescribe Sklice. Coupons are available on line so that the product can cost as little as $10.00.  When Sklice is applied the  nits are mutated so when they hatch they are unable to feed and die.

At our opinion and goal is to remove all the nits(eggs) from the head.  We would feel very uncomfortable if a client left knowing there were non viable nits still on the hair.

So our advice is whether you use the Airalle process or Skilce daily combing is a must to ensure lice never return. Nothing is a guarantee except a 100% clean head of both lice and nits.

Allan Franco