Month: February 2016

Professional Nitpickers and Head Lice Removal Services

As a professional head lice technician in The Washington DC area for over 10 years the question remains, “how much are we responsible for” . There have been two recent cases where clients have been to see us in early Dec 2015 and come back at then end of Feb 2016 with lice again. So the question is always in the back of our minds, “Is this the same case from 2 1/2 months ago or a new case?”
There is no clear cut answer. To avoid any recurring head lice infestation there has to a be a clear partnership between the client and the head lice removal service.
From the clients viewpoint:
1)The client needs to know that the method the service is using has proven effective. This can be accomplished either through ratings found online or through referrals.
3)The client needs to know the technician has the proven ability and years of experience.
3) The client needs to be assured that the technician is working to the Best of Their Proven Ability in the removal process.
From the technicians viewpoint:
1) The technician needs to provide a quick tutorial and education on the method for follow up comb outs at home.
2) The technician need to make it clear to the client that follow up daily comb outs are necessary to ensure there are no recurrences.
3) The technician needs to make it clear that there are no guarantees that every last nit(egg) has been removed. Although I can usually guarantee that there are no live bugs left in the hair once I have done a treat and comb I would never mislead a client in believing they could go home and forget about lice.
So, in conclusion there must be a clear understanding between the client and technician that not only has the technician worked to the best of their ability, but the client understands there is a follow up procedure that needs to be done to completely eradicate head lice.
Allan Franco
Advice on Lice Inc
Kensington, Maryland
Servicing: Maryland, Washington, DC. and Northern Va.

MH C. Bethesda, MD

I called Advice on Lice frantic for an immediate appointment for my 3 year old. They took us later that day. It took Karen almost two hours to get my daughter’s hair clean, while my daughter sat happily watching videos the whole time. They checked my hair as well, gave us extremely clear instructions for how to get/keep our family clean, and answered my questions when I called a few days later. I highly recommend Advice on Lice.