Month: June 2015

Sklice Lice Killing Treatment Pros and Cons

With over 12 years experience in the Lice removal business at we have now seen the results of a new prescription lice killing treatment Sklice. This treatment claims to kill active live lice and their nits (eggs).
We have found through our experience with our clients and actually applying it for our clients to be a successful way in killing the Lice and a very high percentage of the nits.
The issue we are starting to see is that parents who are using this product are not aware of the importance in combing out the nits regardless whether they are viable or not.
In the school system and especially with summer camp beginning if a child is found to have nits on their hair , be prepared to get the call. Although you may think the nits are dead and old the persons in charge will think otherwise.
This week we had a client bring her daughter in who had been at a 1-week sleep away camp. The camp called the mom and said her daughter had lice. The camp treated her with the over the counter Nix product and notified parents of fellow campers that there was a case of lice in the camp.
The mother brought her daughter into our salon for lice and nit removal. As our technician worked on the daughter he realized that the nits seemed old, empty, or non-viable.
The mom finally let us know that her daughter had lice 3 months ago and had used Sklice but had only combed once or twice. When the technician was finished he had found over 150 nits and all appeared to be old non-threatening.
What followed were distress parents of fellow campers who insisted they bring their children in for lice checks because of this one daughter who had the nits in the camp.
Our strong recommendation is as follows. If your using the prescription Sklice please make sure you comb out the nits to avoid a misdiagnosis at school or at sleep away camps.

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