Month: November 2014

MarryAnne Bowie, MD.

Extremely overwhelmed at finding out my daughter had lice, we did everything we could for a week before we decided to come to Advice on Lice. I thought I was doing a good job at home using Rid & Nix & doing my best to do comb outs on her hair, but when we came in for our appointment, Karen found a whole village in her hair. My daughter has very thick, long & curly hair and it was difficult for me to get through it. Karen got through it with ease. It turned out my son and I had nits, so we also got treated. Allan worked on my hair, and he and Karen were very nice & informative. They have lots of DVDs for the kids to watch to pass the hours they\’re getting treated. We came back a week later for a follow-up and we were lice free! We couldn\’t have gotten through this without them. We hope this never happens again, but we know who to go to if it does! Thanks Karen & Allan!

Kristin Nehme District of Columbia, Wash DC.

Both of my daughters have long,thick hair and after they returned from sleep away camp I realized that they both had lice. I quickly called Karen and Allen and they immediately fit us in to their busy schedule. By the time we left two hours and a half later, both of my daughters were 99.5% free from lice. I would recommend Advice on Lice to anyone who is having trouble with lice and/or nits. I 100% guarantee that when they come home they will be rid of lice. I also would like to recommend Pantene hair gel that gets rid of what is left and is not bad for hair.

David Bethesda, MD.

Advice on Lice is a lifeline in dealing with the unfortunate, most unwelcome house guest you can ask for. Karen and Allan are professional, prompt, and calming at a time when most parents feel very stressed. They back their service with educational information that helps you manage lice on your own. They work hard to never have you return

Thankful mom :-) Silver Spring, MD.

I was exhausted before coming to Advice on Lice. After treating my household twice I wanted to make sure we were rid of the lice for sure! So happy I found you online. Surprised to find, we all STILL had lice!! Thanks to Karen and Allan treating us all thoroughly and educating me on how to keep the lice out of our hair and home for the weeks to follow! Thanks for giving me back my peace of mind!!

Jennifer Silver Spring, MD.

If I could give 100 star rating, I would! Advice on Lice was amazing! Karen was quick to reply via e-mail and got us on the schedule the same day. This was our 1st experience with lice, so I was overwhelmed to say the least. She and Allan treated both of my daughters and checked my head and my husbands. They were so kind, so easy to talk to and we learned SO MUCH! We left with the confidence that our daughters were bug and (most likely) nit free. We followed Karens protocol and our problem was solved. Advice on Lice is worth every penny. Thank you for great knowledge and service!!

Amy Arlington, VA.

We were thrilled (as thrilled as you can be when there is lice in your daughters hair) to call up AOL and get seen right away. They not only got everything out of my daughters hair but it turns out I needed the treatment too! The are meticulous! They give you a plan that, while time consuming, is fool proof! I highly recommend anyone who has never dealt with lice before to go here! DVDs were a big hit with my daughter!

Sharon Takoma Park,MD

I first went to Advice on Lice a few years ago after twin 8-year-old girls were placed with me in foster care. These girls had beautiful, long, thick hair–and lice. By the time I realized it a week later, my 4-year-old daughter, who also had long hair, and I had lice as well. Needless to say, I was overwhelmed. Imagine having to undergo hours of nitpicking, on top of all the trauma the two sisters had experienced (first at the hands of a parent, then having been taken away from their family and everything they knew). Karen and Allen were extremely patient, and I received a thorough education about lice and lice eradication (and learned I needed reading glasses, too!) I have since been able to treat my daughter successfully and without assistance for lice on a subsequent infestation.

Susan Washington,DC

When we learned that my two kids and I all had lice, I panicked. I quickly called Allan, and he and Karen immediately made time for us,and within a few hours, we were all lice free. They are incredible!!