Month: September 2014

Tricia Washington,DC

Advice on Lice provided first rate service to me and my daughter! They were so diligent in ensuring that the lice was removed, particularly challenging since my daughter had long and very thick hair! We followed their post-infestation protocol and no problems thereafter! Karen and Allan are wonderful, profession and so knowledgeable! I could not recommend them more highly!

Cathy Frederick, MD

2 Granddaughters and myself had a lice infestation. I was very frustrated and tired with the shampooing and combing. I found Karen and Advice on Lice on the internet and she was willing to come in on Labor Day and treat the girls. It was a fascinating experience as I had no idea what is involved with truly getting rid of the lice. I learned so much that day. I would highly recommend this service to my friends, family and co-workers. I wish there was such a service here in Frederick. Thanks Karen!!

Michelle Druhan Bethesda, MD

Many thanks to Karen. She was most helpful in helping us deal with the lice infection that both my kids received from sleep-away camp. Not only was she open on a Sunday, she provide us with in-depth instructions on applying the shampoo without any charge. Then she opened on Labor Day to do the comb out on my daughter\’s long hair. It took 2.5 hours and was worth every penny of their fee!. I will totally recommend them to anyone that has a lice infection.

Head Lice peaks for Back to School

Back to school is one of the busiest times for the head lice treatment and removal in Maryland. It is the result of families returning from vacations, and children who spent the summer in various summer camps. It can be frustrating for us because everyone wants our help, but it has to fit in to their family schedule. Summer is over, and it is back to the real world of work and school. As a result, we can be in the office from 10 in the morning until 8 or 9 at night. And we are also trying to accommodate those who want house calls.

Lately we have bee a bit mystified by the unusual occurrence of all family members seeming to be at the same level of infestation. It seems unlikely that all of the members of the family would have been infected at the same time, yet we are seeing siblings and parents within a family who all seem to have similar degrees of infestation. It is more common for there to be a progression within a family. One child gets it from a friend, and brings it home and gives it to mom or sister or brother, and then it spreads through the others.  We can usually identify one family member as “patient 0” because that person has the most severe case of head lice. But for the last few weeks, we have been seeing families in which everyone seems to have the same number of nits and bugs. Oh well, just when we think we understand the life cycle of head lice we get stumped again.

At Advice on lice ,whether its a early infestation or a full blown infestation we take each case seriously and make the same effort to completely eradicate head lice and nits from pur valued clients.

Advice on Lice

Allan & Karen Franco

Jennifer Silver Spring, MD

My daughter got lice the second day of 1st grade camp. As a single mom I was frustrated, tired and overwhelmed. I found this through google and when Allan said I could come in that evening I was delighted. He started working on my daughter, slowly and patiently. Then when Karen checked me and I had it too, well that\’s when I knew we made the right decision by going there. We will keep them in our phone for any future needs. They were wonderful, patient, thorough in explaining everything, and made my daughter and me feel very calm during the whole process. Bravo to this team for making a stressful time stress free!!