Month: June 2014

Sharon Great falls, VA.

I can\’t say enough kind things about Allan, Karen and their daughter! This was my first experience in dealing with lice. They took their time with my 7 year old daughter(several hours to comb through her long thick hair) and then even \”fit\” me in their busy schedule. They explained everything in detail and made me feel much more relaxed as I was a nervous wreck when I walked into their office. Their detailed treatment plan was a life-saver!! Thanks so much for putting my mind at ease!!!

Happy Family Washington, DC.

Advice on Lice treated my entire family. After what seemed to be a year of much lice at my kids\’ school and massive lack of communication and education of the teachers & students (the nurse admitted to checking all K classes but my daughter\’s AND the teachers were never notified of the ongoing lice problem), I must say there is no better, safer option than utilising the whole of the Franco family. Thanks for doing such a great job and my kids actually seem quite content with nitpicking. Who knew it could be so pleasant!

Jamal Mazrui Takoma Park, MD.

There was an outbreak of lice in the first grade class of my daughter. We took her to get checked, and, alas, found that she had it. Fortunately, it was discovered relatively early, and the comprehensive treatment she received, followed by a plan of techniques and tools, eliminated the problem according to a careful evaluation by the same team ten days later. We recommend Advice on Lice as a clear path to clear hair!

Head Lice Removal In Maryland, DC, and Virginia

The does and don’ts for head lice treatment.

  1. Never use those plastic lice combs that come in the package with the shampoo kits.  Total waist of time.
  2. Use the Licemeister nit come. It’s the best lice comb on the market.
  3. Don’t follow the instructions on the Rid box for applying the rid as the method instructed is ineffective most of the time. (Follow our instructions at
  4. Leave the lice killing shampoo on the hair for at least 20 minutes to be effective.
  5. Don’t use Nix but use Rid. Nix is a cream rinse and is not effective.
  6. Don’t use olive oil to comb out the nits. Way to messy. Go with Pantene classic care conditioner and some water. This will soften the nits so they more readily slide off with the Licemeister.
  7. Watch our for those head lice removal companies that charge you $150.00 before they walk in your door. The charge for removal is high enough that you shouldn’t be paying $150.00 just to get them to the front door.
  8. Beware of out of state head lice treatment companies who send a technician to your house. Who’s monitoring their workmanship?
  9. Don’t throw your brushes and pony tail holders away. Zip lock bag them and stick them in the freezer for 8 hours.

I have stated just a few of the does and don’t of head lice treatment. There is so much misinformation concerning head lice removal.

If you want right information by people who deal with head lice removal and treatment every day then contact for real information and technique that has been successful  for effectiveness every day in our salon. We service head lice treatment for Bethesda ,Chevy Chase, Washington DC and the entire Washington Metropolitan are.

Advice on Lice
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Shereen Chevy Chase, MD.

I was so relieved and grateful that Allan agreed to come into the office at 8 pm to work on my son. We were there until after 11 pm and he was so patient with my son and helpful to me. Thank you so much.

Mom Silver Spring,MD.

What a wonderful service Advice on Lice provides! There was an outbreak at my child\’s elementary school and it was made worse by a lack of communication on the part of the school. The peace of mind that going to Advice on Lice gave me and my family was invaluable. I was grossed out and emotional. Karen was patient, thorough, and good-humored. Most of all, she was professional and knowledgeable, giving us the information we needed to deal with this situation. And when we came back to get the all clear, I felt like I could breathe easy at last. There are certain appointments you dread making and a lice check is definitely one but Karen made it pleasant. Strange but TRUE. THANKS SO VERY MUCH!!!

Pre-Camp Head Lice Screens at Advice on Lice

Head Lice treatment ion Maryland, DC and Virginia

As your kids head off to camp many of our clients bring their kids in for head Lice checks in Maryland to make sure they don’t get that awful call from camp that their child has lice. For $20.00 Advice on Lice does a thorough screening on your child looking for nits and or actual bugs. Head Lice removal and treatment is then performed to ensure when they do start camp they are nit and lice free.

Just yesterday one of our pre camp clients came in for a screen and what a surprise to find one large bug and 12 nits.

Besides assuring yourself that your child is lice free, you can avoid the costly fee’s your camp forces you to pay to their contracted head lice removal company.

Head Lice treatment and removal can get expensive. When the camp calls from hundreds of miles away and says your child has lice your choice is either come pick him or her up or have their company take care of it for hundreds of dollars.  Is their really a choice. Remember most head lice companies contracted by camps do not get paid for the initial screenings but make their money on the campers who screen positive for lice.

Advice on Lice specializes in head lice treatment in Maryland, DC, and Virginia, head lice detection and removal services.

Advice on Lice

10400 Connecticut Ave, Suite 507
Kensington, MD20895

Melanie Auerbach Washington, DC,

What would we have done without Advice on Lice! Alan and Karen were so wonderful helping me set up appointments (Karen even came in on Mother\’s day to help us!). She was patient, thorough, and all around amazing – thank you both for providing such an amazing service! A+++++++++++++++++++