Month: January 2014

Carol Sacks Arlington, VA

I have been very pleased with the service from Allan and Karen. They are extremely patients, professional and responsive. I can often get an appointment for the day I call, or the next day. They taught me to not panic, and how to carefully comb my daugher\’s hair. They are very thorough with the combing, and I know that they get rid of any live bugs. They have a good sense of humor as well, and you can notice the fuzzy lice bug attached to the restroom keys. I don\’t mind crossing the river to get help from Advice on Lice. My daughter had lice infestation once a year, and I have Advice on Lice as one of my contacts on my phone. Give them a call and rest assured that you don\’t have to go through this all alone.

Djinn Washington, DC

Look no further. No time or money better spent in the hands of Allan Franco if your family has been affected by lice. Advice on lice, will turn the experience into an education, they provide full service and will answer all your questions. Absolutely a must. Thank you.

Mary P Washington, DC

I cannot speak highly enough of Allan and Karen and the service they provide. They calmed me down, educated me about lice, and were so kind and patient with my seven year-old daughter and her waist-length hair, which I feared we would have to cut to get rid of the lice. They\’re lovely people, as well, which made for interesting conversations to pass the 3.5 hours that Allan worked painstakingly on my daughter and me. Advice on Lice is worth every penny!

Lysa VB Great Falls, Va

We called upon Allan & Karen a few years ago when we experienced lice for the first time. If there is any way to have this \”lice experience\”, I would choose it with them. They walk you off the ledge calmly and professionally. I recently found some nit like objects in my daughter\’s hair. Once again, they made time immediately to see it under the microscope and look at my girls\’ heads. Like I said, I wouldn\’t want to work with anyone else to make it go away faster and more efficiently. Thank you, Karen & Allan!!!

Head Lice Removal Services: No Guarantees

It is important to understand that having a professional nitpicker work on your family’s lice infestations does not mean they are completely cured. The condition of head lice can be very complicated. Depending on how long the infestation has been undetected, which is a difficult thing to diagnose with any certainty, there is a level of vigilance which needs to be maintained in order to achieve total eradication. Many people prefer not to apply OTC medications, and the subsequent combing and picking processes must be very thorough and repeated every day for up to 2 weeks to be certain that all elements of the head lice are removed. While it is true that a nit is not contagious, there is a lot of speculation about whether they are viable. Some people believe that they can determine viability of an egg by sight or some form of manipulation, which is dubious at best. A well trained eye may be able to differentiate whether a nit is viable, hatched, or aborted: however there is quite a large margin for error without confirmation using a microscope. A viable nit will become a bug within a week of being laid, and in a matter of weeks a whole new infestation can be established.

Here at Advice on Lice head lice treatment center, in an average incidence of head lice, we typically find 10 to 12 actual lice, usually of various stages of development, and somewhere between 80 to 150 nits. We also see that there are varying degrees of infestation among family members, since the head lice usually started in one head and became an established infestation before spreading among siblings and parents. So it is often easier to achieve eradication in the milder cases, but all heads must be monitored for at least 2 weeks. we also advise families to comb any family members who do not appear to have lice, since the initial stages can be very difficult to detect. Combing is the single most effective means of treating and preventing head lice. Not all combs are created equal, and we recommend buying and using a quality head lice and nit removal comb, like the LiceMeister, because it can make the work much more effective. And it is also beneficial to use a white conditioner and a water spritzer as combing facilitators.

Finally, we would like to say that as professional nitpickers, we do try very hard to remove as much as we possibly can in a session with our clients:; however, we never tell them to go home and do nothing. Since we have had the experiences of finding a rogue bug or a stubborn nit after hours of work, we know we have probably missed something. We ask our clients to comb diligently, even if they aren’t finding anything. With this in mind, if you are using a professional head lice treatment service and are told your problem is gone, with no need to continue combing, they are doing you a disservice as the likelihood of the head lice recurring is highly probable.

Karen and Allan Franco

Jody Takoma Park, Maryland

I don\’t know what we would have done without the assistance of Advice on Lice. My two kids and I all had it during one of my busiest times of the year for work. They accommodated me after hours and my kids the next day. I am happy to say that we all appear to be lice and nit free!

Lice Md and Lice MD Complete Kit Head Lice Treatments

So you walk into your local CVS frantic as your child or children have Head Lice. You’ve heard and read online such terrible opinions on the use of Head Lice Treatments or shampoos that have a pesticide ingredient and are in search of the miracle non pesticide lice killing shampoo or treatment.

You check the shelves and there it is. Lice MD Non-Pesticide Eliminates 100% Lice and Eggs. Includes Lice Comb and liquid gel. Written right on the box!

Then you look right next to it and wow! They have a complete kit called Lice MD Complete Kit Eliminates 100% Lice and Eggs. This one includes a Lice Comb, Lice Killing Gel, and a shampoo to clean your hair after treatment.



So trusting the product you opt for the kit as in general you figure the kit is going to be the more effective of the two.

Before you pick up the Lice MD Complete Kit we advise you take a closer look. As a normal shopper you would assume the Lice MD and the Lice MD Complete kit would both be non pesticide. Wrong!!!

If you read the fine print on the kit you will see the Lice Killing Gel in the Kit contains a pediculicide treatment gel containing pyrethrins synergized with piperonyl butoxide which is recognized by the FDA as safe and effective for the treatment of head lice.

Guess what? That’s the same pesticide included in the Rid Lice Killing Shampoo.

I found it very surprising that a company which has advertised its product Lice MD- Non Pesticide would also make the Lice MD Kit which includes the pesticide. To their defense they don’t advertise the kit as pesticide free but how many of us would assume their entire line of product would be pesticide free? After all isn’t that their selling point.

For those serious looking for a non pesticide Head Lice treatment we suggest sticking to the Lice MD Non-Pesticide but please don’t bank on the product eliminating 100% of the eggs and head lice as advertised. Lice MD  Pesticide Free is a non-pesticidal non-medicated product that contains a fluid that lubricates the hair and comb to facilitate mechanical removal of lice and their eggs. That means it doesn’t kill the eggs or the lice but will help you comb p\out those pesky bugs and nits.

Simply putting it: It’s all about the combing. Comb, comb, and comb.

Advice on lice advises whether you use a pesticide or non pesticide head lice treatment the only way to ensure the problem is completely eradicated is the constant daily  combing with an inexpensive conditioner ( Pantene Classic Care conditioner) on moistened hair for best results.

Good Luck.

All natural, safe and effective head lice treatments visit Advice on Lice

Allan & Karen Franco

Advice on Lice