Month: October 2013

What is the best treatment for the head lice?

In our experience, the most effective treatment for head lice is the application of a real lice killing shampoo. We have found Rid to be very effective, when it is applied carefully like hair colorant, and timed for at least 20 minutes. Although the directions say 10 minutes, no longer, the warnings in the product directions are in place to protect the drug companies from liability. We have rarely seen or heard of any adverse allergic reactions to this product. And in these reports the reaction occurred within the first 5 minutes.

Our method of application at Advice on Lice, Inc, , has proven to be very effective at killing all of the live bugs. For those who chose not to use a pesticide, we recommend the prescription product, Ulesfia. The application and timing should follow our directions as mentioned above.

More to come: effective combing techniques for lice and nit removal.

Karen and Allan Franco

Advice on Lice, Inc.

Patricia Washington, DC

When we discovered that not just one of our kids, but both of them, and the two of us, had lice, we decided we were in over our heads and called Advice on Lice. Karen and Allan were incredibly gracious and willing to stay late on a Sunday night to treat our entire family. We are eternally grateful and highly recommend them!

Deb R. Washington, DC

Let\’s not mince words. Lice is not life threatening, but it can be very unsettling and overwhelming to experience, especially the first time it happens, and we are one of those unfortunate families who have been through this more than once over the years! I cannot express how grateful we are for Karen and Allan Franco and Advice on Lice. They have developed what I believe is the most effective and least chemically intensive system for ridding people of lice. They take as much time with each client as needed for a thorough comb through, and to explain the step by step method for following through with treatment at home. Their office is a very kid-friendly environment, complete with DVDs the kids can watch while Karen and Allan painstakingly comb through their hair. The Francos are total professionals, very responsive, and completely dedicated to helping people overcome lice, and telling you what really works — and what really doesn\’t. If you ever get \”that dreaded call\” from school, do not hesitate to contact Advice on Lice immediately — you will be very glad you did!

Mom’s Piece of Mind Bethesda, MD

I highly recommend Advice on Lice. Not only are they incredibly knowledgeable but they were calm and reassuring at a time when I needed it! Not only did Allan treat my child but he also had a hunch to look at me too. Suffice it to say his hunch was correct and the appointment went way overtime after he kindly fit us in on an incredible busy day. I don\’t know if that speaks more to his kindness or to his true dedication to his clients. Allan and Karen removed the panic and taught me the steps to confidently treat the lice.

Annie Washington, DC

My son\’s school called me at work to let me know that he had lice and needed to be picked up. Thankfully one of my co-workers heard my gasp of surprise and \”lice\” and immediately came over to my desk with \”Advice for Lice\’s\” contact information. I called them immediately and thankfully they had an opening that day. Not only did my son have lice, but I did too. Our family is lice free and worry free and Advice for Lice is worth every cent spent.

Mom of 3 teenage girls Bethesda, MD

We were panicked that we found lice in 2 of my teenage girls\’ hair just a week before camp, which of course has a strict no lice policy. Upon the recommendation of a friend, I took them to Karen and Allen who were able to get them in right away. They were incredibly thorough, knowledgable, professional and capable. They treated my girls twice before leaving for camp and taught us everything we need to know about getting RID of lice. The service is worth every penny for the complete thoroughness of the treatment – they literally comb through every strand of hair. Very nice couple too. Highly recommend!

David Rockville, MD

Advice on Lice is the BEST! Time and money is well spent. They really know how to put their clients at ease. 3 years ago, our daughter came home from a sleep over at a friends house who had lice. It took us 6 weeks to get rid of it on our own. This time we found Allan and Karen. Through their painstaking lice removal, and their detailed directions for a post treatment regimen, we feel there will not be a repeat of our first experience! Thanks to the Francos and their staff!!!