Efficient, easy, and comprehensive – they took great care and explained the process in a simple way. Highly recommend!


I have been dreading my kids getting lice, but this was the most pleasant experience for dealing with it. They called me back right away, stayed for close to 3 hours and treated her with care, taught me what to look for and how to keep up the preventative treatments. Worth every penny, especially for the piece of mind that I know they got them all and she could return to school the next day. I hope to never return, but this is a huge service to our community that I am so grateful for!


I called Advice on Lice at 7pm after finding lice on my 7 yr old.  Allen not only had us come right in but kept us there until the lice were DEAD!  They checked me as well!  In addition they had all the necessary tools for home care and gave us specific directions on what to do over the next 2 weeks!  They are experts when it comes to lice and will do whatever it takes to be rid of them!  Price was reasonable too!

Lisa L. Rockville, MD July 10 2018

Karen and Allan know the lice game. They have found every single nit in our children over 15 years! Not only do I not have the time or patience to do this, even if I did, I could never be as thorough as these experts are. Worth the price.

Kathleen H. Bethesda, MD  Oct 5th, 2018

Alan was great and literally saved the day for us.  Our daughter came home from camp with a head full of lice, just 4 days before we were supposed to go on vacation.  Advice on Lice to the rescue with a last minute appointment.  The lice problem was resolved, and the instructions given along with the medicated shampoo helped to make sure that they did not return.  We highly recommend this place.

Thank you to Karen and Allan — they made a scary and terrible situation for my daughter and myself manageable and easy!!!  And.. I learned a lot!

I thought our family had made it to 14 with NO LICE — hah!  My daughter’s head was infested and Allan really took his time and cleaned my daughter’s head… and then checked my son, and me…. and I got great lessons in learning how to manage lice- what to look for and what products to use.  A comfort and a great service!

And a huge sigh of relief!
Stacy B. Chevy Chase, MD  Oct. 10th 2018

We were traveling from out of town and hoped on a long weekend of site seeing. While trying to get a haircut and color, the stylist found the lice and said she couldn’t work on us. My children had never had lice before and I had no idea what it looked like. Family in town referred us to Advice on Lice. Turns out, the Dr found lice on me and my son’s heads too. We spent the entire day at the office but were treated very kindly and compassionately. My daughter’s hair is so very thick and long, it took a very long time to get her hair clean of bugs and nits. All three of us were treated and none of the lice returned.

Debbie G.  Daphne, Al  October 29th, 2018

Karen & Allen are the best: My daughter had spent four hours with a nit picker who came to our house and used olive oil.  Daughter was told to sleep with Olive oil in a shower cap after first washing with Dawn detergent.  I just had a feeling that the job was not thorough and knew that the protocol was not was Karen & Allen advise because we had been to them before.

The next day I called “Advice” and spoke to Allen who squeezed us in to give my daughter a second look.  Not surprising he found several live bugs and spent the next 90 minutes thoroughly combing through to remove the nits left by the other company – four hours and several hundred dollars in expense.

Karen and Allen know their business and are really great with kids of all ages.  I won’t waste my time or money with others in the future.

Kim C. Foxhall Wash. DC  Nov 26/2018

I tried to treat myself with over the counter stuff and it didn’t kill all of the lice. I emailed Karen early Sunday morning in a panic and she offered me times that same day.  She was able to do what I could never do to my own head and explained each step along the way so I could repeat it with my kids at home. Days later I wasn’t sure if I was finding eggs when I combed my hair and I contacted Karen. She had me send her photos and confirmed that they were not eggs.

Rachek H. San Francisco Dec 27/2018

If you are in a bind and want to make sure your kid can go to school the next day, this is the place to go.  They are professional, kind, and thorough.  Totally worth the money.

Ozgir G. Wash, DC 07/19/2018