Stop, Get out of Jail, Do Not Pass Go, and head straight for Advice on Lice. Honestly, unless you just happen to be very skilled at this kind of thing, you will suffer if you do not just put down the shampoo bottle and the comb and let these people take care of your child, you or the whole family. It is an expense that families in this area just have to write into the household budget as far as I am concerned, and really in the end much less expensive in terms of your time and frustration. Try to do it on your own if you must, and then just go to Lice Advice!

Carolyn R. Silver Spring, MD June, 8th, 2016

The service was amazing. We had two member of our family who had tough cases of Lice and after just one afternoon treatment, we were completely lice-free. We have not seen a single louse in our house after our visit to Advice on Lice.

Jonathan L. Chevy Chase, MD June, 1st, 2016

Karen fit us in the same day I called. She thoroughly combed through my family’s hair (three of us) and explained how to continue treatments at home. She did not make me feel like I had to return to her for follow-up, which I appreciated. She also gave practical advice for how to launder our clothes and bed linens.

L L. North Bethesda, MD April, 11th, 2016

Save yourself the time, effort and frustration of handling a case of lice yourself – Go to these knowledgeable people. They use pesticide free products and teach you how to avoid a recurrence.
I would definitely use the again… although I hope I never have to!

Sarah B. Washington, DC April, 11th, 2016

I called Advice on Lice frantic for an immediate appointment for my 3 year old. They took us later that day. It took Karen almost two hours to get my daughter’s hair clean, while my daughter sat happily watching videos the whole time. They checked my hair as well, gave us extremely clear instructions for how to get/keep our family clean, and answered my questions when I called a few days later. I highly recommend Advice on Lice.

MH C. Bethesda, MD February, 23rd, 2016

Lice is a fairly common reality that comes with raising, busy, social kids in our area. I’ve treated my child without outside help before, but when three of us got that suspicious itch, I was truly overwhelmed. Thank goodness for the DeFrancos. They are knowledgeable, professional, dedicated, calm and reassuring. It’s difficult to put a price on the service they provide. I’m so grateful they exist.

Liesl G. Washington, DC January, 14th, 2016

I had tried this before on my own, but never again – I will only come here in the event my daughter ever come home form school with lice again. They are very thorough and professional. The office is comfortable and my daughter was distracted by videos the entire time. We followed the treatment plan and had no further issues. I would highly recommend this service – it was worth every penny.

Christine E. Silver Spring, MD January, 6th, 2016

Great customer service. We went in rather late in the day to have my daughter’s head deloused, and they squeezed in my son as well. They even checked me out too (I was lice-free, thank goodness). They were thorough and patient. The kids were able to watch movies of their choice…a nice touch! Their follow-up, take-home instructions were clear and thorough as well (and critical, I might add!). A++++++++

Shelley B. Clarksburg, MD December, 31st, 2015

My three and six year old daughters both just had a lice infestation! Not just a few bugs but a whole family of lice in their hair. I had experience with this 2 years prior, when my youngest was only 16 months old. I was doing everything wrong because they were not going away. After three weeks of this I finally found Advice On Lice and they were able to fit me in. So, when I came upon lice again, I went straight to Advice On Lice before messing anything up. They were able to get all the bugs and eggs out, showing me what they found and how to properly care for their hair. They gave me printed instructions to follow to ensure this doesn’t happen again and this time, I’m going to keep it up. They checked my husband and I too, which is so good for piece of mind. They were amazing. They even let me use my flex spending card to pay and gave me an itemized receipt I could submit for approval (and it went through!). If you or someone you know has lice, I highly advise you to give these guys a call!

Laurel,M Gaithersburg,MD. October, 15th, 2015

We thought we were being thorough enough at home, but no one is as thorough as Karen. My fifth grader and her best friend needed her help to knock the nits and bugs all the way out. Karen helped them understand more about what was going on, and what we needed to do. She did a check on me too. AOL is a great resource and I recommend them highly.

Mike,H Chevy Chase,Wash.DC. October, 9th, 2015