Advice on Lice is the BEST! Time and money is well spent. They really know how to put their clients at ease. 3 years ago, our daughter came home from a sleep over at a friends house who had lice. It took us 6 weeks to get rid of it on our own. This time we found Allan and Karen. Through their painstaking lice removal, and their detailed directions for a post treatment regimen, we feel there will not be a repeat of our first experience! Thanks to the Francos and their staff!!!

David Rockville, MD October, 8th, 2013

Allan and Karen are professionals: they are experienced, responsive and thorough, and they put their customers\’ needs first. I appreciated their painstaking lice removal, but even more so, their advice on how to minimize the risk of lice infestations in the future, and where to focus our energies if we do discover lice.

Lisa Washington, DC September, 15th, 2013

Much like the other commenters, I had the dreaded call from school. A friend knew about Advice on Lice from an article and they took incredible care of us! They checked out my whole family and combed my son and myself. The post comb treatment plan was thorough and easy to follow. If I have to go back (which I hope I never do), I would definitely call them first.

Happier Mom Bethesda, MD September, 12th, 2013

This was our first time dealing with lice and I was so overwhelmed. Advice on Lice were amazing!! They saw my kids immediately and took their time with both my kids and myself explaining what to do so it is done properly.I could never have gone through this experience without them. They made sure my kids\’ heads were clean no matter how long it took. They were thorough and patient. I would HIGHLY recommend this service to anyone who gets the dreadful call that their kids have lice. I\’m feel so grateful that I had the Francos and their wonderful staff to help me through this. THANK YOU Advice on Lice!

J.R. Silver Spring, MD September, 9th, 2013

I don\’t know what we would do without the Francos. With five young children, I couldn\’t do the hours of combing and nitpicking myself. AOL always manages to find time for us. If only everyone in the schools were as thorough!

Christie Chevy Chase, MD September, 8th, 2013

We called Advice on Lice while on vacation, and Karen talked us through the entire process of freeing our daughter of lice. When we returned to DC over a week later, we took her straight to Advice on Lice before returning to our house. They found one nit (not viable), and that\’s because their advice was so good that they helped us get rid of it on our own! Lovely, helpful, and very kind people

Mary B Bethesda, MD August, 26th, 2013

Allan was a lifesaver! After discovering lice in our 6 year old, never having faced this before, we were guided through the process so many have walked before us but treated with such kindness and consideration. Like a deer in headlights, we were so unaware of what to do and both Allan and Karen gave us step by step instructions and motivated us to get through the challenges we faced. We 100% support them in what they do and are just so thankful that they exist. Absolutely lifesavers and honestly do not know what we would do without them. Happy to be able to not spread the lice but definitely plan to spread the word!

Jen Singer Silver Spring, MD August, 25th, 2013

Where do I start? Advice on Lice are lifesavers! After getting the dreaded phone call from daycare that our youngest had the dreaded bugs, I called AOL based on the recommendation of a friend. Thankfully, they were able to see him that same day. As Karen worked on our youngest, she brought me around from the �Now I have to burn down the house� feeling to feeling that this would be manageable. The next day when the rest of our family were checked and found that we all had lice and/or nits, Allan and the staff of AOL worked thoroughly with my husband and my other boys and myself to get our treatments done and the long term treatment plan in place. The good news is that by being diligent in following their plan, we are all clear now and I feel much more confident in our abilities to treat this, should it crop up again. I cannot recommend Advice on Lice enough! Advice on Lice helped show us that there is, indeed, life after lice!

Sharon Ellicott City, MD August, 13th, 2013

My daughter was exposed to lice while away at camp and Allan was a hero to accommodate a last minute evening visit straight from her plane. Despite our being told by the camp that she had been checked and didn\’t catch it Allan found different and spent hours that same night treating and combing her hair. We left with detailed instructions which we followed to the tee and are happy to report that she\’s 100% bug free! We were blown away by the caring, thoughtful, and thorough services provided by Advice on Lice and I would recommend them to anyone who is serious about getting control of this issue.

TCZMF Washington, DC August, 8th, 2013

Allan was amazing! Before we even got there, he was talking us through what we needed to do to start treatment. He was incredibly thorough and taught us everything we needed to do to get this solved quickly. (So much so that when we came back the following week with our other son, we had already gotten everything before we even saw him.) This was our first time dealing with lice and though I don\’t wish to repeat the experience, he made it not be the dreadful nightmare I had envisioned!

Debbie Brodsky Bethesda, MD August, 3rd, 2013