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Lice Treatment Service in Washington D.C., Virginia and Maryland


Advice on Lice, Inc. has developed a routine method for treating head lice.

During the first step of our Head Lice Removal Service, we manually screen the hair for nits and lice. It is recommended that the entire family be screened, as it is highly possible that more than one family member may be infested.


If nits and lice are found, we move on to step two, of our Head Lice Treatment Service which may include the application of Rid Lice killing shampoo (according to our instructions), or Lice MD non-pesticidal treatment product followed by manually removing the parasites and nits. Our combination of highly trained nitpickers and the patented NPA Lice Meister combs lead to fast and safe removal of nits and lice.


The final step of the process is the application of our non-toxic treatment conditioner, which momentarily stuns the bugs, and isopropyl alcohol, which shocks the bugs and causes them to come out of the hair.

Combing for Head lice (louse) and Eggs (Nits)

On Site Service:

Head Lice and Nit Removal Services: (By Appointment Only)

  • Office treatment $85.00 Per Hour
  • After 6:00 PM Office Treatment $100.00 Per Hour
  • House Call services $100 Per Hour
    • Plus $50 - $65 travel fee (Depending upon your location)
  •  Minimum Service 1 Hour
  • Pre-Camp screens or head check screens $20.00 per head
  • Cancellations subject to $25.00 cancellation fee after 24 Hrs.

We prefer check but accept all major credit cards as well as H.S.A. (Health Spending) Credit Cards

An average visit is 1 to 3 hours, depending on the number of people needing treatment, severity of infestation, and the length and thickness of hair.

Follow up visits will be recommended based on the severity of infestation.

School Services

Screening Schools

  • Eliminating infestation of a school requires a professional level of assistance. School wide screenings should be conducted before the first day of classes, and after any extended holidays to identify and isolate any infested children until proper treatment has occurred.
  • The implementation of this  program requires the coordination of the PTA and the school nurse with Advice on Lice, Inc. In schools who contract with Advice on Lice, Inc., lice screenings are a part of the school calendar each year. A professional nitpicker, provided by Advice on Lice, Inc., and volunteer staff and parents conducts these screenings. Adequate knowledge and experience are necessary so the volunteers must be trained in advance.
  • Screening services: Prices are determined by the total enrollment of the school and by the number of screenings scheduled throughout the school calendar.

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