What is the best method for head lice and nit removal?

After using the head lice treatment shampoo, it is always necessary to manually remove the nits and dead lice from the hair and scalp. We have found that the most important tool to have for this process is the LiceMeister comb. The LiceMeister lice comb works best on hair that is conditioned and wet and detangled. We have found that one of the best conditioners for this combing is Pantene Classic Care Conditioner because it stays moist and creamy unlike others which may become grainy and dry. The application of conditioner facilitates the removal of nits by softening them and making them slide off the hair shafts more readily. We have found that spraying water on the conditioned hair as we work through sections (as shown below) also promotes the removal process.

Karen and Allan Franco
Advice on Lice, Inc

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