Pre-Camp Head Lice Screens at Advice on Lice

Head Lice treatment ion Maryland, DC and Virginia

As your kids head off to camp many of our clients bring their kids in for head Lice checks in Maryland to make sure they don’t get that awful call from camp that their child has lice. For $20.00 Advice on Lice does a thorough screening on your child looking for nits and or actual bugs. Head Lice removal and treatment is then performed to ensure when they do start camp they are nit and lice free.

Just yesterday one of our pre camp clients came in for a screen and what a surprise to find one large bug and 12 nits.

Besides assuring yourself that your child is lice free, you can avoid the costly fee’s your camp forces you to pay to their contracted head lice removal company.

Head Lice treatment and removal can get expensive. When the camp calls from hundreds of miles away and says your child has lice your choice is either come pick him or her up or have their company take care of it for hundreds of dollars.  Is their really a choice. Remember most head lice companies contracted by camps do not get paid for the initial screenings but make their money on the campers who screen positive for lice.

Advice on Lice specializes in head lice treatment in Maryland, DC, and Virginia, head lice detection and removal services.

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