Head lice treatment advice. Who can you trust.

Time and time again we hear stories from our clients on how to treat head lice. Some say their friend said use mayonnaise or my neighbor said use olive oil. Or how about “just sleep with Vaseline covering your hair all night and  the lice will be dead”.

None of this bothers us as much as the ones who think they know exactly how to help their friends or neighbors after they have had a professional head lice company work on their kids and now consider themselves as professionals.

I just had a client (Jane Doe) who’s daughter had been to us almost a year ago. In between last year and today she has referred many friends to us and of course we appreciate it. Periodically we have had calls inquiring about our services after speaking with our client (Jane Doe). In the course of conversations it has been revealed that our Jane Doe,  out of genuine kindness  and concern has explained , and sometimes shown, exactly what to do as learned from us and then suggesting they try on their own.

Well,  when we received the call today from Jane Doe requesting an appointment for her daughter she was confident that all was needed would be a screen as she had been combing her out as we instructed her 1 year ago and as she put it” you all taught me well”.

Dad brought the daughter in who proudly stated “my mommy combed me out like you guys do and found 10 nits and no bugs”.

My thoughts were “great, this should be a breeze”. Well 2 hours later the count was 35 live lice of all sizes ( mostly babies which are the hardest to find) and about 60 more Nits (eggs).  So to answer the question: Who can you trust? You need to see first hand from a reputable head lice removal service specialist in Maryland,  who does this work day in and day out. You need to look for referrals from friends who have had success with head lice treatment companies in Maryland. And then you need to go see them and learn from the best, so next time your child complains of a scratchy head you’ll  have a head start and make your next visit to your favorite head lice treatment center much quicker and easier.

Advice on Lice remains one of the most respected head lice removal services in Maryland, D.C., and NorthernVA. All you need to do is check the testimonials on their website to realize they truly care about you, your children, and pride themselves in their thoroughness and workmanship.

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Head Lice Screen for camps

As the summer enters the second month Head Lice treatment in Maryland picks up.  Camps have begun detecting Head Lice and nits on their campers as the the symptoms become more noticeable. Remember one bug in a child’s head may not cause him or her to itch. Not until a couple of weeks go by do they begin to scratch.  To avoid waiting for your child to itch Advice on Lice recommend combing your child’s hair with a lice comb (the Lice Meister) and Pantene conditioner once a week as the best preventive measure. Early detection is easy to eradicate and most times without a Lice killing shampoo.

Advice on lice located in Kensington, MD offers the best head lice removal services in Maryland.

Head Lice Ttreatment in Maryland and Complacency

The treatment of head lice in Maryland too many times is not taken seriously enough. Advice on Lice which specializes in Head Lice Removal in Maryland sees this attitude quite often. Yesterday a client came in with such an attitude. Quoting the mom ” Oh, I have been combing her out once or twice a week for a month and keep finding 1 or 2 bugs and very few nits. Its really not that severe”. Well after our lice removal technician was done the count was 19 live lice and over 100 nits.
It so important to a parent to realize that completely eradicating head lice is not a one time effort. Parents need to realize that in order to be successful they need to continue combing beyond what seems reasonable. The eggs (nits) are tiny and unless your combing every day for at least 7-10 days the chance one or two are missed is high.
Another client came in yesterday after using another professional service for Head Lice Treatment in Maryland and after out technician worked on the child another 20 nits were found. And this comes after a professional worked on the child. So my suggestion would be, even when your not finding nits we strongly recommend you keep the combing going until you combed for at least 7 days and have not found any nits.
Allan Franco
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Head Lice Removal In Maryland, DC, and Virginia

The does and don’ts for head lice treatment.

  1. Never use those plastic lice combs that come in the package with the shampoo kits.  Total waist of time.
  2. Use the Licemeister nit come. It’s the best lice comb on the market.
  3. Don’t follow the instructions on the Rid box for applying the rid as the method instructed is ineffective most of the time. (Follow our instructions at
  4. Leave the lice killing shampoo on the hair for at least 20 minutes to be effective.
  5. Don’t use Nix but use Rid. Nix is a cream rinse and is not effective.
  6. Don’t use olive oil to comb out the nits. Way to messy. Go with Pantene classic care conditioner and some water. This will soften the nits so they more readily slide off with the Licemeister.
  7. Watch our for those head lice removal companies that charge you $150.00 before they walk in your door. The charge for removal is high enough that you shouldn’t be paying $150.00 just to get them to the front door.
  8. Beware of out of state head lice treatment companies who send a technician to your house. Who’s monitoring their workmanship?
  9. Don’t throw your brushes and pony tail holders away. Zip lock bag them and stick them in the freezer for 8 hours.

I have stated just a few of the does and don’t of head lice treatment. There is so much misinformation concerning head lice removal.

If you want right information by people who deal with head lice removal and treatment every day then contact for real information and technique that has been successful  for effectiveness every day in our salon. We service head lice treatment for Bethesda ,Chevy Chase, Washington DC and the entire Washington Metropolitan are.

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Pre-Camp Head Lice Screens at Advice on Lice

Head Lice treatment ion Maryland, DC and Virginia

As your kids head off to camp many of our clients bring their kids in for head Lice checks in Maryland to make sure they don’t get that awful call from camp that their child has lice. For $20.00 Advice on Lice does a thorough screening on your child looking for nits and or actual bugs. Head Lice removal and treatment is then performed to ensure when they do start camp they are nit and lice free.

Just yesterday one of our pre camp clients came in for a screen and what a surprise to find one large bug and 12 nits.

Besides assuring yourself that your child is lice free, you can avoid the costly fee’s your camp forces you to pay to their contracted head lice removal company.

Head Lice treatment and removal can get expensive. When the camp calls from hundreds of miles away and says your child has lice your choice is either come pick him or her up or have their company take care of it for hundreds of dollars.  Is their really a choice. Remember most head lice companies contracted by camps do not get paid for the initial screenings but make their money on the campers who screen positive for lice.

Advice on Lice specializes in head lice treatment in Maryland, DC, and Virginia, head lice detection and removal services.

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Selfies and head lice

After reading a recent article on “Selfies” and head lice, I had to laugh.  My wife and I, Karen and Allan Franco, run a head lice removal service in the WashingtonDC and Maryland area called Advice On Lice, Inc. ( We are not just a mobile lice business but a full service head lice treatment and removal services salon. With over 15 years of experience, I would say we have a pretty good handle on what’s going on out there. We see 3-4 families a day, which may include occasional teenagers. Yes most of our clients are younger and we have seen a slight  increase in teenagers similar to Nitless Noggins.

In our opinion, this has a questionable cause and effect relationship to the emergence of the widespread phenomenon of “Selfies”.

What we have seen is an increase in cases in general which can be attributed to a more lax attitude by the public school systems in the Montgomery County, MD and Wash DC areas. Many a school’s policies on head lice have been rewritten to allow students to attend school with nits, and policies in some schools even allow a child to stay in class when they are discovered to have active infestations.  Notification by paper or emails is not sent home to parents alerting of an outbreak unless 3 cases are reported in a class.  And many parents do not inform their children’s schools because they are embarrassed and don’t want their children to miss out on classes and after school activities.

With this in mind it doesn’t come as a surprise that there may be a slight increase in the occurrence in teenagers, but “selfies” are not the big picture (pun intended).

One of my first questions to a teenage client is, “So where do you think you got lice?” The answer is usually,  “I don’t know or from a close friend.” My next question is usually, “Does your friend have younger sisters with lice?”

We have found that most teenagers contract head lice either through contact with their younger siblings, baby sitting jobs or sharing brushes, or sleepovers with friends who’s siblings have lice. All one needs to do is realize that with an increase in cases in general your are likely to see a slight increase in teenagers.

Slefies? Not so much.

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Allan Franco

Head Lice Removal Services: No Guarantees

It is important to understand that having a professional nitpicker work on your family’s lice infestations does not mean they are completely cured. The condition of head lice can be very complicated. Depending on how long the infestation has been undetected, which is a difficult thing to diagnose with any certainty, there is a level of vigilance which needs to be maintained in order to achieve total eradication. Many people prefer not to apply OTC medications, and the subsequent combing and picking processes must be very thorough and repeated every day for up to 2 weeks to be certain that all elements of the head lice are removed. While it is true that a nit is not contagious, there is a lot of speculation about whether they are viable. Some people believe that they can determine viability of an egg by sight or some form of manipulation, which is dubious at best. A well trained eye may be able to differentiate whether a nit is viable, hatched, or aborted: however there is quite a large margin for error without confirmation using a microscope. A viable nit will become a bug within a week of being laid, and in a matter of weeks a whole new infestation can be established.

Here at Advice on Lice head lice treatment center, in an average incidence of head lice, we typically find 10 to 12 actual lice, usually of various stages of development, and somewhere between 80 to 150 nits. We also see that there are varying degrees of infestation among family members, since the head lice usually started in one head and became an established infestation before spreading among siblings and parents. So it is often easier to achieve eradication in the milder cases, but all heads must be monitored for at least 2 weeks. we also advise families to comb any family members who do not appear to have lice, since the initial stages can be very difficult to detect. Combing is the single most effective means of treating and preventing head lice. Not all combs are created equal, and we recommend buying and using a quality head lice and nit removal comb, like the LiceMeister, because it can make the work much more effective. And it is also beneficial to use a white conditioner and a water spritzer as combing facilitators.

Finally, we would like to say that as professional nitpickers, we do try very hard to remove as much as we possibly can in a session with our clients:; however, we never tell them to go home and do nothing. Since we have had the experiences of finding a rogue bug or a stubborn nit after hours of work, we know we have probably missed something. We ask our clients to comb diligently, even if they aren’t finding anything. With this in mind, if you are using a professional head lice treatment service and are told your problem is gone, with no need to continue combing, they are doing you a disservice as the likelihood of the head lice recurring is highly probable.

Karen and Allan Franco

Lice Md and Lice MD Complete Kit Head Lice Treatments

So you walk into your local CVS frantic as your child or children have Head Lice. You’ve heard and read online such terrible opinions on the use of Head Lice Treatments or shampoos that have a pesticide ingredient and are in search of the miracle non pesticide lice killing shampoo or treatment.

You check the shelves and there it is. Lice MD Non-Pesticide Eliminates 100% Lice and Eggs. Includes Lice Comb and liquid gel. Written right on the box!

Then you look right next to it and wow! They have a complete kit called Lice MD Complete Kit Eliminates 100% Lice and Eggs. This one includes a Lice Comb, Lice Killing Gel, and a shampoo to clean your hair after treatment.



So trusting the product you opt for the kit as in general you figure the kit is going to be the more effective of the two.

Before you pick up the Lice MD Complete Kit we advise you take a closer look. As a normal shopper you would assume the Lice MD and the Lice MD Complete kit would both be non pesticide. Wrong!!!

If you read the fine print on the kit you will see the Lice Killing Gel in the Kit contains a pediculicide treatment gel containing pyrethrins synergized with piperonyl butoxide which is recognized by the FDA as safe and effective for the treatment of head lice.

Guess what? That’s the same pesticide included in the Rid Lice Killing Shampoo.

I found it very surprising that a company which has advertised its product Lice MD- Non Pesticide would also make the Lice MD Kit which includes the pesticide. To their defense they don’t advertise the kit as pesticide free but how many of us would assume their entire line of product would be pesticide free? After all isn’t that their selling point.

For those serious looking for a non pesticide Head Lice treatment we suggest sticking to the Lice MD Non-Pesticide but please don’t bank on the product eliminating 100% of the eggs and head lice as advertised. Lice MD  Pesticide Free is a non-pesticidal non-medicated product that contains a fluid that lubricates the hair and comb to facilitate mechanical removal of lice and their eggs. That means it doesn’t kill the eggs or the lice but will help you comb p\out those pesky bugs and nits.

Simply putting it: It’s all about the combing. Comb, comb, and comb.

Advice on lice advises whether you use a pesticide or non pesticide head lice treatment the only way to ensure the problem is completely eradicated is the constant daily  combing with an inexpensive conditioner ( Pantene Classic Care conditioner) on moistened hair for best results.

Good Luck.

All natural, safe and effective head lice treatments visit Advice on Lice

Allan & Karen Franco

Advice on Lice

Lice Killing Pesticide treatment verses Non-Pesticide Lice Removal Treatment

The Pros and Cons between over the counter Rid , Nix and generic brand pesticide lice killing shampoos as compared to non pesticide, and household treatments.

As one of the oldest and respected head lice treatment and removal  services in Md., Dc., and Va.  Advice On Lice  has formed opinions based on the hundreds of cases we have seen and treated over the years.


Rid , Nix and generic brand pesticide lice killing shampoos:

Pros of using the over the counter Rid product is simple. Using the shampoo according to our instructions, and as we apply when shampooing in our salon, has been the closest to 100% effective as one could possibly expect. When applying it similar to applying a hair coloring, saturating the hair from the scalp to the ends, and leaving it on for 20-30 minutes the results are dead or dieing bugs with many coming out in the comb as the shampoo is combed in. Unlike the directions which say not to leave in longer than 10 min, we advise leaving the shampoo in for 20-30 minutes to reach its full effectiveness. We have found that if you or your child is going to have an allergic reaction to the product this reaction will occur in the first 5 minutes.

The same opinion applies to the generic brand lice killing shampoos sold in CVS and other drug stores which have the same lice killing active ingredient pyrethrum extract (equivalent to .33% pyrethrins ).

Unfortunately we have found no Pros to using the Nix lice killing cream rinse. The active ingredient is a synthetic .33% permethren. The instructions are to wash the hair and towel dry before applying. Our opinion has been when the hair is washed with a shampoo or even wet with water prior to using the Nix the lice go into a defensive mode by the closing their spiracles and not allowing the Nix to have its full effect.

Rid , Nix and generic brand pesticide lice killing shampoos

Cons for using any of the above mentioned pesticide shampoos are they do include a neurotoxins pesticide.  Many parents are against using these products although they have been approved by the FDA. At Advice on Lice we truly respect this and offer alternative non pesticide lice removal treatments for those with this opinion.


Non pesticide, and household treatments:


Listerine: Although we do not recommend,  it does contain alcohol which will stun a live bug and thus more likely get caught in a lice comb during comb outs.

Mayonnaise: Although we do not recommend,  it can soften up the eggs so they more readily can be combed of with an effective lice comb. Opinions that the mayonnaise will suffocate the live lice in our experience are unfounded.

Lice MD Non Pesticide: Of all the non pesticide lice removal shampoos we have found this to be the most effective treatment and at Advice on Lice this is the only non-pesticide over the counter product we will recommend. The Lice MD does not have an active lice killing ingredient but does contain a synthetic lubricant which makes comb-out smooth and easy, even for long, thick or curly hair.

Olive Oil: Although the idea is the olive oil will suffocated the head lice if left on for long periods of time we have found this to be unfounded as well. Time and again we have had clients come in to our office saturated with olive oil only to find live lice. What we have found is they will slow the bug down so they can more effectively combed out.

More important is the effect the olive oil has on the nits/eggs. We have found the olive oil when left on will soften the shell of the nits/eggs considerably so they more readily slide off the hair when combing.

Cons: Non pesticide, and household treatments:

Listerine: Does not contain any lubricant to facilitate the removal of nits and does not contain any lice killing ingredient.

Mayonnaise: Although it will be helpful in removing the nits there is no lice killing ingredient to kill the lice. Left in for long periods of time as suggested may cause the  mayonnaise to become rancid. A young child might play with her hair and then lick their fingers which can result in food poisoning.

Lice MD Non Pesticide: There is absolutely no lice killing ingredient in this product. The removal of head lice depends on combing with the lice comb with the active ingredient Dimethicone which is the synthetic lubricant included with this product.

Olive Oil: Will not kill the head lice. This is a messy treatment process and will only facilitate in the removal of head lice (not killing) and the removal of nits.



Here at Advice on Lice we discourage applying food products or other home remedies which are not produced as hair product.

Successful non-pesticide home remedies to remove head lice and nits should include hair conditioner containing Dimethicone and Alcohol such as Pantene Classic Care Conditioner, a good Lice Comb (Lice Meister Comb), and lots of patience for continuous combing for 10-14 days.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the crew at Advice On Lice

Karen and Allan Franco

Head lice treatment: Over the counter vs. prescription

As one of the oldest and most respected head lice treatment center in the Maryland, Washington, and Northern Virginia area, Advice on Lice has always recommended treating head lice infestations with medicine. We believe the head lice shampoo option, either the brand Rid or it’s generic equivalent, is superior to the head lice cream rinse option, Nix or it’s generic equivalent. Over the past few years, new head lice prescription medications have been developed, and we have found some of them to be good options for head lice treatment; although, many doctors, pediatricians and dermatologists, often refuse to prescribe them or are completely unaware of them. These include the following:

Ulesfia       a combination of Benzyl alcohol and mineral oil

Sklice         a topical ointment version of ivermectin

Natroba     a bacterium ingredient called spinosad which has been                        found to be an effective pesticide with little effect on                              humans.

We have seen clients who have experienced all three head lice treatments at various times, and have found they are generally effective; however, as with the over the counter products, we find that lengthening the time the products remain on the head an additional 15-30 minutes improves their effectiveness. The prescription head lice treatment, Ovide, containing the pesticide with ovicidal properties called Malathion, says to apply it and leave it for 8-12 hours. Advice on Lice never approves of this medicine for children, and only support its use in the most extreme of infestations in adults.

Advice on Lice, Inc believes that the over the counter head lice treatments are the best option because they are the most economical, easily available, and effective when used with our instructions.