Head lice treatment services: housecalls vs. office/salon visit

Head lice removal services are most often offered as a house call by a company technician. All companies offer these services at various hourly rates and always include a travel fee. As a result, it never costs less than $150. to have a nitpicker come to your home to work on your head lice problems. The various companies who offer head lice removal services often have an origin in one state, and offer house call services in many areas. How do they train employees who live in other states? Who is the technician, and what is their level of experience? Where is the best place in your home to have the work done? What light sources are available? What will your children do while they are having their heads worked on? What will they do while you are having your head worked on? Is the process at home really efficient?

Head lice treatment companies who offer in office/salon services seem to be at a great advantage. In the salon environment, the technicians have everything set up to allow for the most efficient treatment. If a prescription or OTC treatment is applied by the technician it will be rinsed out in a salon type shampoo bowl before the removal process begins. For the lice and nit removal, clients sit in comfortable salon chairs that swivel and adjust in height. Lights are directed at the same level and section of the head to allow for the best visual detection of lice and nits. Multiple family members can be worked on at the same time. The hourly rate for services is reduced because the technicians are not traveling which costs time and money. And the ability to diagnose people at a reduced flat rate is a service the salon can offer. The other amenity of the salon is television entertainment as a distraction, whether it is a favorite movie, and educational program, or a cable television station.

Advice on Lice, Inc. offers both options for head lice treatment, but our clients seem to agree that the salon visit is preferable to a house call. Those who have the need for a home visit due to difficult circumstances are always accommodated. Our technicians will come to your home well equipped to do their job if that is your request. And their experience and expertise is always exceptional.

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