Super Lice. Is it real or just hype?

The recent study by the University of Illinois has created quite a bit of controversy. As a person who has had at least 18 years of experience dealing with head lice, I do not think the findings are particularly surprising or new. The study confirmed something I realized a long time ago. The synthetic pyrethroid products are ineffective. The product Nix and the prescription strength 5% topical product do not work to kill head lice or their eggs. The product Rid contains the true pyrethrum extract from chrysanthemums, and is still effective in most cases, but not in the “10 minutes no longer” that is cautioned in the instructions.
The “super lice” may be a true mutation that means some infestations will be less responsive to some treatments, but not every infestation is in fact “super lice“. There is so much unreliable and harmful information that is being included in the articles that are circulating about the super lice. In one article, a supposed expert is recommending people sleep in the OTC products with a shower cap. I guess she has not heard of the 2 year old who suffocated because the shower cap slid over her face in the night. And another expert actually suggested that nit picking and combing is ineffective.
I have learned over the years that proper application of any product, and an additional 20 minutes of wait time, greatly improves the efficacy of any treatment. And I have found that the nit removal process is the only way to be sure that complete eradication is achieved.
Finally, I find it most disturbing that the country is alarmed to hear that the parasite has mutated and become harder to deal with, and the American Academy of Pediatrics has created new guidelines which promote children attending school with active infestations. Head lice may not lead to any other serious health issues, but there are many families and individuals who are struggling with issues which make an infestation of head lice a problem of astounding proportions. I have personally assisted mothers who are paraplegics, fathers in stage 4 lung cancer, teenagers with severe autism, and children with various problems from down syndrome to aspergers to cerebral palsy. These families have the right to send there children to school without the threat of being infected with a “nuisance parasite”.

Professional Nitpickers and Head Lice Removal Services

As a professional head lice technician in The Washington DC area for over 10 years the question remains, “how much are we responsible for” . There have been two recent cases where clients have been to see us in early Dec 2015 and come back at then end of Feb 2016 with lice again. So the question is always in the back of our minds, “Is this the same case from 2 1/2 months ago or a new case?”
There is no clear cut answer. To avoid any recurring head lice infestation there has to a be a clear partnership between the client and the head lice removal service.
From the clients viewpoint:
1)The client needs to know that the method the service is using has proven effective. This can be accomplished either through ratings found online or through referrals.
3)The client needs to know the technician has the proven ability and years of experience.
3) The client needs to be assured that the technician is working to the Best of Their Proven Ability in the removal process.
From the technicians viewpoint:
1) The technician needs to provide a quick tutorial and education on the method for follow up comb outs at home.
2) The technician need to make it clear to the client that follow up daily comb outs are necessary to ensure there are no recurrences.
3) The technician needs to make it clear that there are no guarantees that every last nit(egg) has been removed. Although I can usually guarantee that there are no live bugs left in the hair once I have done a treat and comb I would never mislead a client in believing they could go home and forget about lice.
So, in conclusion there must be a clear understanding between the client and technician that not only has the technician worked to the best of their ability, but the client understands there is a follow up procedure that needs to be done to completely eradicate head lice.
Allan Franco
Advice on Lice Inc
Kensington, Maryland
Servicing: Maryland, Washington, DC. and Northern Va.

Head Lice Treatments: Which one works!

At Advice on Lice,  we have heard from our clients so many methods they have read about online to treat and remove head Lice and nits.

There is so much misinformation many become frustrated and just don’t know which is best. With this in mind there is a Head Lice Treatment used by Professional nitpickers. Known as the Lice Buster, the method used seems questionable. The Lice Buster is a machine, which blows air at a certain heated temperature and certain speed and is supposed to kill the live Head Lice as well as the nits. In our opinion there is some validity that heat will kill nits on the hair. We always recommend to Mom’s that using a Flat Iron or Hair blower many times will cause the nits to abort.

After speaking with a representative for the Lice Buster we reached a decision that this was not a head lice treatment plan our clients or we would be pleased with.

When using the Lice Buster professional nitpickers will blow the hair for an hour or so and then they will assure the client that the nits are no longer viable.

What about the nits? What parent wants to leave our facility knowing that there are nits still stuck on the hair. How will the camps react when your child returns the next day with a head full of nits that you explain are no longer a threat. Our feeling is a thorough Head Lice treatment requires not only a Lice Killing Shampoo but also requires a thorough removal process of all the nits to ensure the problem is completely eradicated. Unfortunately there are no short cuts to Head Lice and nit removal.

Advice on Lice, is the oldest and most thorough Head Lice Treatment in Maryland, DC, and Virginia  and assures our clients that with our experience assistance Head Lice can and will be completely eradicated.

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Allan Franco

Head Lice and Summer Camps

As the second session of summer camp begins, new campers arrive and many go home. Advice on Lice continues to offer pre-camp and post camp screens at $20.00 a head. Our clients are so thrilled that many of them come straight from camp to our office to make sure they don’t come home with lice. Others bring their children in before camp so tyhey know when they arrive at camp they will be Lice free

For some time we have been using a great product “Lice MD” which is non-pesticide and has been very effective in killing the lice.

Advice on Lice in Kensington, Maryland services Head Lice Treatment for Washington, DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia.
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Sklice Lice Killing Treatment Pros and Cons

With over 12 years experience in the Lice removal business at we have now seen the results of a new prescription lice killing treatment Sklice. This treatment claims to kill active live lice and their nits (eggs).
We have found through our experience with our clients and actually applying it for our clients to be a successful way in killing the Lice and a very high percentage of the nits.
The issue we are starting to see is that parents who are using this product are not aware of the importance in combing out the nits regardless whether they are viable or not.
In the school system and especially with summer camp beginning if a child is found to have nits on their hair , be prepared to get the call. Although you may think the nits are dead and old the persons in charge will think otherwise.
This week we had a client bring her daughter in who had been at a 1-week sleep away camp. The camp called the mom and said her daughter had lice. The camp treated her with the over the counter Nix product and notified parents of fellow campers that there was a case of lice in the camp.
The mother brought her daughter into our salon for lice and nit removal. As our technician worked on the daughter he realized that the nits seemed old, empty, or non-viable.
The mom finally let us know that her daughter had lice 3 months ago and had used Sklice but had only combed once or twice. When the technician was finished he had found over 150 nits and all appeared to be old non-threatening.
What followed were distress parents of fellow campers who insisted they bring their children in for lice checks because of this one daughter who had the nits in the camp.
Our strong recommendation is as follows. If your using the prescription Sklice please make sure you comb out the nits to avoid a misdiagnosis at school or at sleep away camps.

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Lice Lady of Maryland.

Lice Lady of Maryland.

Who is the original Lice Lady in Maryland?

I suppose it was time for someone to speak up as so called professional nitpickers who call themselves The Lice Lady have sprung up throughout the metropolitan area.

Karen Franco of Advice on Lice Inc  began her journey over 15 years ago in exploring ways to treat head lice and lice nits before the internet even existed. She actually used the services of the old fashion library to educate herself on the life cycle of lice and the most common treatments then.

It was a personal mission for Karen Franco in the years when her children were in elementary school, and she volunteered in any programs the children attended to help screen for head lice in order to prevent outbreaks. As she became increasingly familiar with the condition, she found that many people would seek her out to assist them with their own infestations.

It was these people who began labeling her “the lice lady.” It was not something she chose.

Through the years, Karen has established a knowledge of the condition and how best to treat it to accomplish eradication.

What began as volunteer work evolved into a money making hobby and finally to a full time business.

Today,  8 yrs after opening her salon/office in Kensington Maryland, Advice on Lice has a reputation as the best full service LiceTreatmentCenter in Maryland.  Adding to the services she never forgot how she started and is always available to answer questions, offer guidance at no charge for distressed parents dealing with head lice for the first time.

So who is the real Lice Lady of Maryland?

Montgomery County Head Lice Policy

Montgomery County Head Lice Policy

As Advice on Lice is located in Montgomery County Maryland we are constantly asked by our clients why is it that head lice is so prevalent in the county school system.

Well, there is a simple answer. The MontgomeryCounty schools have become increasingly lax concerning head lice.

Below I have noted the policy implemented by the school system.

1-”If all observed nits are located 1/2 inch or more from the scalp, no further action is necessary”

This means a child with nits all over the head will not be sent home unless they are 1/2 inch from the scalp. The assumption is the nits further than 1/2 inch are old , non viable, and will not hatch. From our experience in our office this is a very risky assumption. Simply said we have found that any nits in a child’s head can be a problem and action needs to be taken.

Time and time I have worked on a child’s head noting in my removal that they seem to be old and non-viable, only to find a living baby louse (nymph) resting on the scalp.

Our opinion is,  if you see nits on your child and take no action you are surely going to be dealing with an active case of head lice in at least 14 days,

So our advice is take action whether the school does or not and don’t let an early detection turn into an all out infestation.

Allan Franco

Head Lice peaks for Back to School

Back to school is one of the busiest times for the head lice treatment and removal in Maryland. It is the result of families returning from vacations, and children who spent the summer in various summer camps. It can be frustrating for us because everyone wants our help, but it has to fit in to their family schedule. Summer is over, and it is back to the real world of work and school. As a result, we can be in the office from 10 in the morning until 8 or 9 at night. And we are also trying to accommodate those who want house calls.

Lately we have bee a bit mystified by the unusual occurrence of all family members seeming to be at the same level of infestation. It seems unlikely that all of the members of the family would have been infected at the same time, yet we are seeing siblings and parents within a family who all seem to have similar degrees of infestation. It is more common for there to be a progression within a family. One child gets it from a friend, and brings it home and gives it to mom or sister or brother, and then it spreads through the others.  We can usually identify one family member as “patient 0” because that person has the most severe case of head lice. But for the last few weeks, we have been seeing families in which everyone seems to have the same number of nits and bugs. Oh well, just when we think we understand the life cycle of head lice we get stumped again.

At Advice on lice ,whether its a early infestation or a full blown infestation we take each case seriously and make the same effort to completely eradicate head lice and nits from pur valued clients.

Advice on Lice

Allan & Karen Franco

Head Lice and Hair Dye

Head Lice and Hair Dye

Advice on lice specializes in the treatment and removal of head lice and nits in the DC, MD, and Va. areas. A commonly asked question here at Advice on Lice is does hair dye kill Head Lice. Well we have always said that there is no guarantee but felt dying your hair does create an unfriendly environment.

This week a 14 yr old female client confirmed our opinion.  Her parents scheduled a Rid shampoo and comb out at our office.  Once seated in our salon chair we noticed an abundance of nits in her hair. Keep in mind she had not been treated with any type of lice killing shampoo. We applied the shampoo according to our method and expected to find multiple head lice combed out as we combed the Rid in her hair. Only one baby bug was found. After rinsing the shampoo and beginning the nit removal process we found many nits and no lice. I commented on how beautiful her natural highlights were and she responded “thank you but they are not natural”. She then told us that she had her hair dyed and highlighted two days before. The puzzle was solved. I commented to the mom that the reason we were not seeing more head lice was probably due to the fact her hair had been dyed. After completing the comb out process we counted 70-80 nits and only the one baby bug which probably hatched after the dye was complete. What have we learned? Hair dyes definitely create an unfriendly environment and definitely do not kill the eggs.

My advice?  No matter what you do to kill the lice you must keep combing with a lice comb to ensure all the nits are removed.

Allan Franco

Advice on Lice.

How to determine viable and nonviable nits

Advice on Lice which specializes in Head Lice treatments and removal services in Maryland has had an interesting week. As campers returned from their first session a common trend has been to find old nits mixed in with new fresh nits. The old nits represent eggs that have already hatched. They will appear on the hair as white but once removed you will see they are really transparent and what’s left is just the shell. The viable nits are always going to be darker, and more like a brownish mocha color . What you are seeing is the egg with the louse still inside the egg. Don’t ever assume that if you only see the empty eggs its not a active case. This is a huge mistake. Likely you will find the baby bugs (nymphs) on the scalp appearing to look like a freckle until they start to move. We have seen this commonly in kids returning from camp and most likely they were treated with a lice killing shampoo but were not combed out on a regular basis to remove all the nits. My suggestion is to continue with section by section comb outs with pantene conditioner and see if you find any live lice.

Good Luck, Allan Franco