Worst case of head lice we have ever seen.

Advice on lice has been removing head lice for over 10 years. We have seen some pretty bad cases in the past. Last week we had the worse case ever with an elderly client. The woman entered our office and we could see live lice crawling on the outside of her hat(beret).  We worked on her for over three hours and there were dead bugs everywhere. She had hundreds and hundreds of bugs and thousands of nits. As she has no one to help her we contacted her Dr and had them prescribe Sklice. Today she came in with the Sklice and as it was applied we still found around 20 live lice. We can only assume she does not have the capability of de-lousing her house.  She will return again next week for we hope is one last comb out. It is so sad to see a woman of her age so helpless, with no one to help her comb her hair out.  We have made it our goal to get her 100% lice and nit free as we realize she has nobody else.


Lice Treatments: Airalle lice treatment verses prescription Sklice

Lice Clinics of America uses the Airalle process which blows warm air throughout the hair and is supposed to kill the eggs. This process does not remove the eggs but according to their studies they should kill the eggs. Our opinion differs. If a client is looking to avoid removing the nits they can save time and money by have their doctor prescribe Sklice. Coupons are available on line so that the product can cost as little as $10.00.  When Sklice is applied the  nits are mutated so when they hatch they are unable to feed and die.

At adviceonlicemd.com our opinion and goal is to remove all the nits(eggs) from the head.  We would feel very uncomfortable if a client left knowing there were non viable nits still on the hair.

So our advice is whether you use the Airalle process or Skilce daily combing is a must to ensure lice never return. Nothing is a guarantee except a 100% clean head of both lice and nits.

Allan Franco

Licemeister Comb


When used for early detection and manual removal, the LiceMeister comb is the realistic and practical alternative to unnecessary and potentially harmful pesticides. The LiceMeister is the safe and cost effective way to win the war against head lice and keep the kids in school, lice and nit free!

Licemeister comb
$21.20 tax included

Sklice (by Prescription Only)


Sklice Lotion, a prescription head lice medicine, is the only FDA-approved treatment with the active ingredient ivermectin. Sklice Lotion has been studied in children 6 months of age and older. Clinical studies have shown Sklice to be effective in killing live lice when applied properly. The studies have also shown, lice which hatch after treating with Sklice were unable to feed and die within 24 hours. As these are based on clinical studies we strongly recommend follow up combing with the Lice Meister comb to remove the remaining nits(eggs).

Lice MD Pesticide Free

Lice MD Pesticide Free

As we understand some parents would prefer to use a non-pesticide treatment shampoo we have found the Lice MD to be the most effective. LiceMD Pesticide Free offers a real alternative to pesticide lice treatments


+ LiceMD is pediatrician tested and effective in getting rid of lice and eggs. What’s more.

+ LiceMD uses a synthetic lubricant which makes comb-out smooth and easy, even for long, thick or curly hair.


+ Dimethicone, the primary ingredient in LiceMD, is used as a conditioning agent in many top selling shampoos and has a well-known safety profile. LiceMD is clear, fragrance free and non-irritating to skin.