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Welcome to Advice on Lice. Found lice on your child? Or found nits on your child? No need to panic. Advice on Lice completely understands and is here for you. Help is just a phone call away. (240-242-4267). Our method of Head Lice Treatment has proven, over the course of 15 years, to be thorough and successful in completely eradicating Head Lice. We provide treatment for head lice in Maryland, Washington DC, and Northern Va., including both in-office appointments as well as house calls.

In the course of Head Lice Treatment, parents have the primary responsibility for the detection and treatment of head lice, but the control and management of head lice infestations is a shared responsibility among a number of entities including schools, pediatricians, and individual families. The treatment for head lice offered by Advice on Lice, Inc. are contingent upon the contracting family taking an active role to prevent recurring infestations.

Head Lice Removal VA

Advice on Lice, Inc. understands the demands parents face daily and are here to assist you with a full range of lice services as a Cure for Head Lice including head checks, updated lice education and for those in need of it, complete nit and head lice removal services.

Our Head Lice Salon in MD offers the Best Lice Treatment. Including two work areas, equipped with two salon sinks, four comfortable hair salon chairs capable of handling entire families or individuals. Each work area is equipped with flat screen TV with a huge variety of DVD’s to keep your child occupied during treatment and removal.

Our Head Lice Treatment Center in MD offers a comprehensive and industry’s best lice treatment under the supervision of a popular lice lady in Bethesda, Karen Franco. Our treatment for lice may begin with the application of either an over the counter lice killing shampoo (Rid), or Lice MD non-pesticide lice eliminating treatment, followed by a complete rinse out and thorough comb out to remove the nits (eggs). If at home applications have been done within 3-5 days we offer full comb outs to ensure the head lice nits have been removed.

Karen Franco, The Kensington Lice Lady, became interested in lice removal over 20 years ago when she became aware how little her children’s school was handling head lice. Over the course of time, she developed a technique which has proven to be most effective and has become known as the Lice Lady in Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia. So get in touch with the Kensington Lice Lady today for best lice treatment!

Advice on Lice

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Licemeister Comb


Sklice (by Prescription Only)

Lice MD Pesticide Free

Lice MD Pesticide Free

Ulesfia for head lice treatment

Ulesfia (by Prescription Only)

  • hich it did not. So so happy these guys do this, and they are nice to boot. Happy Customer Meg S....

    Megan S. Washington, DC December 31, 2016
  • g works, undercover. Other friends used a place that comes to your house and was 2x the cost I paid. The location wasnt great, but my kid sat, watched a movie and then they gave me info so if it ever happened again (please, no) I feel I could handle it myself. Alan was amazing and really patient when my kid was tired of sitting still. He even showed me what to do....

    Michelle M. Washington D.C., DC December 21, 2016
  • nday just to check out my daughter's itchy head and wound up doing hours of patient and caring treatment when they discovered she in fact had lice. Karen and Irene were just great. Highly recommended. As many other reviewers have said, I hope we never need this kind of service again, but if we do, we are coming straight here!...

    Jack L. Takoma Park, MD December 5, 2016
  • gitimate lice removal office. The entrance is into the front office which took me by surprise at first because I didn't have an appointment and didn't know what to expect. They were unexpectedly busy the day I found them, but they called another employee in to make sure they could accommodate me for that day. They walked me through everything and had better shampoo and combs than the drug store for me to use on my daughter. I will definitely recommend and return if we ever have lice again....

    Monica F. Vienna, VA December 5, 2016


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